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3 Things About the Inauguration That You Have Probably Missed

People have been talking and writing so much about the orange president, it’s kind of nauseating. I won’t get into discussion about America great again and his ludicrous speech. I didn’t have the guts to sit and listen, had to walk out in the first minute or so.

But I did watch a little from the inauguration parade and this is what I learned:

1. Melania was dressed impeccably. Ralph Lauren I heard. Unfortunately for her she was left to wonder, cuz the president had more important stuff to do than to hold her hand. Really, Donnie? In this situation a bag would have been in order, but she lacked that, so at times she looked ridiculous. Just like a stripper left to parade in front of a customer.



2. There were so few people at the inauguration. When Donnie paraded on the Pennsylvania Boulevard, tribunes were pretty empty. The parade looked evermore sad.



3. The vice-president’s entourage and their clothing choices were … let’s say plain and boring. I am now talking about he 3-4 young women, probably his family, accompanying him. And you will probably think this is a good thing, because that means they are normal people. Well, no. If you are a girl, think about yourself, and your coolest business outfit – you probably would look better than them wearing it.


At the end of the day, I cannot help but wonder? Is being the first lady an aphrodisiac enough for Melania? Think about it. At the end of the day, she still goes home with that orange thing of a president.


January 17, 2017
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