A Rant About Honesty, Snowflakes And A Pandemic

False pretense, appearance. It has many names. I cannot stand it. Any of it. I am my father’s daughter. He’s always had little to no patience at all for people who are anything else but straight shooters.

It makes for a very lean way in life. Sure, there are some who say ‘Oh no, but not all is black and white’. I think there aren’t many situations when this applies. Because when you really, I mean really, boil it down, you either are/do something or you aren’t/don’t. There is no try.

This is for you, snowflakes!

Look, it’s taken me quite a long time to realize who I am and what I can do. About 30 years to build myself and tear myself down again. I went through the hell of doubt and back. Many times. The result? Now I can say who I am and not flinch. I am strong enough to be criticized without bending my knees. Wow, this is great!

But my joy is short-lived. After this personal victory, I look around and realize I truly went through an unnecessary exercise. It really seems like the world is full of fragile beings who melt at the slightest move. Telling the truth has become a tragedy, shooting straight is not just frowned upon but condemned as brutal. When have they all become such snowflakes?

We look at generation Z and call them that. Snowflakes.

And yet, what could possibly come out of women who scream ‘offense’ at any joke with a slight sexual reference? What have men whose huge egos are inversely proportional to their balls to offer to society but snowflakes? What could we teach our kids when we avoid saying it right just because it might ruffle up feathers? How can we explain to them that they should learn because knowing is how they’ll make a difference but you are denied that chance because it simply doesn’t go to outshine your superior?

It just doesn’t work.

We have to tread lightly not to disturb the egos. We have to make nice, be politically correct and watch out what we say. Anything can be considered bullying nowadays. Forget reason, forget using that thing called ‘brain’ to judge for yourself. Rely on ego – what a fragile and irrational thing! Goya was right, the sleep of reason does create monsters.

We are our own victims. I didn’t want to touch coronavirus here because well… the media is full of it. But read me out.

The fear of this pandemic caught on because it threatens the very fabric of our society. Our fragile egos. Now, more than any other time, people don’t have time for sparing feelings, they shoot straight. There is no time to lose. The short attention span we have has been stretched even further because everyone has something to say online. We only have online now. The competition for attention has grown even more fierce.
Such being the circumstances, of course exaggeration, drama, sensationalism are the only ways we can penetrate the noise. And so this superstar pandemic thrives.

Maybe this is the reason why I haven’t been terribly worried. I think my spider-sense feels there is nothing to … well … feel. Or fear.

To go back to snowflakes.

I do not see this changing. I see myself changing or dying surrounded by the very few I call ‘my friends and family’ who understand, appreciate and live by the same straight-shooting law. But I cannot help but wonder: when has honesty become the lesser attribute in a crowd?

March 16, 2020
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