A Storm And Other, More Beautiful, Things

Dear dears, you know me and if you don’t, let me tell you. I am no summer breeze. I am the damn storm. As per below.

I am the storm
Maybe I am all storms
The never calm
The never happy
The one who’s always caught wandering.

I am the storm
I can never love
That one land
That calm, that flawless green
Because I am thunder
And thunder’s always caught wandering

I am the storm
Water is my middle name
I can take any shape
But no shape desires me
Because I wander.

But. Today is the day of ‘buts’. Read it as you will. But today I cannot not remember the beautiful things that life has to offer. Call it autumn melancholy, call it wonder of god or call it the coolness of a nice outfit, whatever it is, it shines a light on the things that usually go unnoticed because hey, who has time to remember the good stuff amidst Trump and Brexit?

The world is good because …

… of the ‘This is her time’ campaign by Adidas. And no, I wasn’t paid to write this. It just casually appeared in my newsfeed. A woman breastfeeding a baby. Then I saw it’s a campaign. I smiled. We are at that point when we are making it a norm. We are no longer ashamed. We are humans, not women and men and blacks and whites. We are people. Of course, it’s still a long way but hey, don’t you have the feeling we have reached and passed that tipping point? Don’t you see the silver lining?

Which brings me to the next point. The world is good because …

… of Greta (Thunberg). I know, you can’t possibly digest another Greta story. Well, I won’t speak about her. I will speak about her generation. No matter who she is, no matter what disabilities she has, no matter the marketing behind her, she has blown that crack of environmental activism wide open. What my generation has done in terms of saving the planet is merely a dent in human consciousness. She has given us new momentum. And that feels so bloody great.

And last but not least and completely unrelated. The world is good because …

… of W. I met him yesterday. This almost 90-year-old man is probably the only other true gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting in my life, beside my grandfather. His posture. His clarity. How he inclined his head to hear better. His slim mustache and perfectly shaved cheek. The way he intervened in conversation. The way words became alive when he spoke. And the way he kissed my hand when we parted.
Knowing him was a true honor.

So there, this is the breeze. See you later, when the hurricane hits.

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