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Long story short

Boy meets girl, they fall in love. They live far apart and yet distance becomes insignificant when they are in love. Girl moves to the London and so their story together begins.

What Life of Two is about

Here’s the thing. We have opinions and we like to share them. Life of Two is about anything and everything that crosses our path — from day to day realizations to travel stories to beautiful people we meet.

How Life of Two was born

Life of Two is our playground, a comfortable alternative to social media. Because why give it all to Facebook or Instagram?


I am Oana and I spent twelve years becoming the best aerospace engineer I could possibly be. Nine of ’em I was in Germany, studying, scramjeting, learning languages, conferencing, you know … sciencing. Not enough for me though. I felt like I was becoming something I don’t believe in, a stereotype. The only sane thing left for me to do was to write and explore the depths of this dark little head of mine.

Alin came along. He seemed to believe in me and my pen more than I did, so I changed the country for the second time in two years, converted to copywriting and digital strategy, am picking up driving on the wrong side of the road.

A general rule is regret stuff I did, rather than stuff I didn’t do. Yeah, they say it’s really constructive. Also, I had a near-death experience once and it was strangely disappointing.

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I am Alin, a father, a husband, a designer. I started my creative work drawing posters for a cinema chain in Arad. It was the last place in Romania, where they still did that by hand. After a while, I got into the advertising business. Currently, I run a small business in the UK providing Product and Service Design to tech companies.

I am many things. A passionate cook, always on the look for the perfect bite. That kind of works well, given Oana and I are both indulgers. Then there is Artificial Intelligence – very big fan. I think technology development should come with responsibility. In order to use it properly, we ought to understand the implications. Although I don’t fancy myself a photographer, I like to capture the world’s details in pictures, mostly with my phone.

Some articles:

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