Atelier Pinion

I don’t even know where to start from when talking about Atelier Pinion. First thing to mention would be that it is highly central in Bucharest, on 23rd Dacia Boulevard, in some back yard. It’s easy to pass by, so find “La Placinte” Restaurant and look across the street. There is a metal gate. If you are lucky and go there in May, chances are you will feel the faint smell of magnolia. Two of these wonderful trees cover the garden.

Atelier Pinion offers bike service and sells parts and whole bicycles. I guess I am not really entitled to talk about those things. I don’t even own or have interested in getting a bike anytime soon. There is, however, an entire community who comes here for those things. They also organise all sorts of events, bike or coffee related, last of which I remember was the Dandy Run in spring.

I am going for the good coffee, the nice music and the friendly faces, but, most of all, I am going for the inspiration I get when I am there. It’s simply a nice vibe around that gets me going on my writing. I think it makes for a pretty cool working space, too.
I love it mostly in the late summer evenings, when people get together and talk over some artisanal beer. The dimmed lights and the whispers makes everything look like part of a big masterplan.

I think I made this place my place in Bucharest. My friends already know that. When I am in town, they ask me beforehand if we should meet there. Although the inside part of the Atelier is pretty small for a café, we had a nice Christmas party in there last year. Around 20 people chatting, dancing and having fun. It was just perfect.

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