autumn of the matriarchs

Autumn Of The Matriarchs

This autumn is hard on the knees of my fellow matriarchs. It’s not pompous when I say ‘matriarchs’, not at all. I am referring to all those ballsy women that I have the privilege to call ‘my friends’ and for who I wrote this post a few weeks back.

What is this about?

Not just one or two, but several of my friends, are going through a rough patch when it comes to Cupid. They either resigned from ever finding love, or they have reached the end of the rope when trying to cope with immature men or are well on the way of getting there. Just because I am happy more often than not, this doesn’t mean I cannot understand or empathize with them. So I started thinking, what do all of these women have in common? Why are they all unhappy at the same time?

What Google says: Mercury retrograde.

I don’t even know what that means really. Stuff about astrology flies over my head and I am not fast enough to catch it.

What I think: We reached that point in life.

Age is just a state of mind. I actually believe that … like 80% of the time. But then I go jogging for 10 km and my hip hurts, or I stand in line at a concert for two hours and my lower back is in shambles, or I go out with friends and have four beers and I need two days to recover. My life is not only about jogging, going to concerts or drinking. My life is about writing and breakfasts and music and reading books in a bathtub. So you would easily understand why I forget the 20% where age is not just a number but the actual status of my body.

So, I reached that point in life where I just can’t put up with some things anymore. And it’s the same with the matriarchs. They just can’t put up with sh*t anymore. It’s something like …

Are you in need of constant support/confirmation/advice?

Go get yourself a mommy, because I am not her and you are not my baby.

You get off by making others feel small or insignificant?

That is called slavery and it’s obsolete. I am not a slave, I am your girlfriend/partner/wife.

Do you have the emotional maturity of a broomstick and you are using that as an excuse for not communicating your issues?

Go get yourself a therapist, I am too f*cked up myself to deal with your sh*t as well.

You see, there are all sorts of scenarios and they are all sad. And they all happen as we speak, during this otherwise picturesque autumn. But don’t worry, ladies, Mercury will eventually not be retrograde anymore and you will all go back, gracefully, to ruling the world.

Photo: Tomasz Majewski

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