real life dilemma that involves cats and kids

Cats vs Long Hair. A Real Life Dilemma.


Six year old and me are playing a “What would you do if …?” game on the grass, outside our house.
The six year old is the biggest fan of cats: cat shoes, cat t-shirts, cat mittens and hat, cat bed sheets, all the cat toys you can think of (fluffy, plastic, paper), cat story and drawing books and magazines. She has a real life cat (Bella) and is interested in basically everything and anything that has the word cat in it. Even tasted cat food.

Today, Alin bought some really old magic lantern slides – a comprehensive collection of landscapes and animals and, at a certain point, examining his treasure, he went like “Oh, there is a cat. Wait no, it is a cat mummy on this one”. Six year old’s eyes grew big, as if she had discovered a real life treasure. “I want to see!” Useless to say the cat mummy picture on the slide was worn off and not at all pretty, given it’s 100 years old. “Oooooh, that is soooo pretty!”. (I just told this small story to show to what extent her fascination with cats goes.)
Also, the six years old has bottom long hair and she loves to have it braided or blown out in the wind. Having long hair in her world is like … having the latest iPhone in ours – cool and a fashion statement at the same time.

The Challenge

Coming back tot the garden and our relaxation time after school, playing the fun “What would you do if …?” game.
Me: “So, if you were to choose to either have your head shaved or to give up Bella, what would you do?”
Barely had I finished popping up the question, her answer came.
Her: “Give up Bella.”
Me: “Whaaaaat?”

The Follow Up

Sitting at the table, I approached the subject again.
Me: “So, if one day Bella grew the ability to understand and speak human language, and she’d heard what you said earlier, what do you think she’d say?”
Very promptly, just as she said she’d give her cat up in exchange for her hair, she said, mouth full of spaghetti carbonara “I’m leaving!”

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