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Common Sense On Social Media

This article should have been called “Life Of Two Or Common Sense On Social Media”. But it was too long (that’s what she said).

On a more serious note, don’t you just have the feeling social media is agonizingly messy? In all the madness, people started to shout. Yes, it is possible to shout when you write and no, it’s not by using CAPS.

I have the feeling this post will become borderline … preachy. I will try to stay away from that.

So … shouting? Yes. Shouting.

Forget all the inspirational posts or the links you get sent from your mom or other late bloomers of technology. There are others things which are even worse.

• Extreme use of hashtags. I know they are helpful and I have to raise my hand when hashtags abusers are called out because ever since I got to use Instagram, I have to do the same to get some visibility. And while we are at this, have #you seen the #people who #do #this? #What is up with • these • #motherf*******?

• F****** emoticons. I somehow have the feeling that there is an inverse proportionality between the extensive use of emoticons and the IQ of a person. It’s my personal experience. I feel like emoticons are making us more retarded than helping us express ourselves. Emoticons are that big chunk of extra paper you get in a package from Amazon only because they were either too lazy or didn’t have the appropriate box to wrap your stuff. Emoticons are fucking useless things that kill our neurons the way Amazon is killing the ozone layer by cutting down the trees.

• F****** (Instagram) filters. We are all great f****** photographers, aren’t we? What’s the use of a good composition when you can Clarendon the shit out of a photograph? The engagement that filtered photographs get generates an inflation of otherwise worthless visual snapshots. If, by some miracle, one day filtering photos will become illegal, probably three-quarters of the Instagram accounts will cease their activity.

• F****** content: it’s hard to produce decent interesting (I am not going to say educative, alright?) content, isn’t it? If I were an alien and I would look at the human race through Facebook, let’s say, I would conclude humans are all about weddings, cats, babies and holidays. Yes, it’s good to have a mix containing those items, but it just seems ridiculous when one can’t find a balance.

How does social media look like in another universe?

This is more wishful thinking. The alternative social media is an online agora, where people don’t grab attention, they are not in anybody’s face. Like paintings in a museum, they wait patiently to be looked at. They trust themselves for producing decent content, text, pictures or videos, without desperately promoting it.

Another, probably stupid, idealistic social media wouldn’t be so self-centred: oh look at my food, oh look at my holiday, look at my achievements. Can it please be more about the food, holiday and achievements and less about the me?

To make myself understood, think about John posting a picture of a tropical paradise. The photo is somewhat crooked, under or overexposed — not really a good picture. John’s comment says something like

“Merry Christmas from the wonderful #Whitehaven #beach! Man, the #sun is so #hot!”.

#awesome #holiday #lovetotravel #amazingexperience #sun #visitaustralia #beautfulnature #paradise #heaven #cantbelieveiamhere #clearwater #beach #sun #clearsky

Clearly, John wants us to know where he is and that’s pretty much it. If he’d really care about the beauty of the Whitehaven beach, he would have the decency of taking a reasonable picture, maybe not using all hashtags in the world or casually inserting the personal comment about how hot the sun is.

I know I know, I sound just like an old lady. But imagine how beautiful and elegant would social media look if people would be less about attention whoring and more about sharing experiences. And yes, there is a thin line between the two. Unfortunately, the only referee is common sense and not all of us have it.

What does Life of Two have to do with any of it?

I have to admit that sometimes I do wish for more visibility for our little blog. But then again I remember why we made it: to share our life with whoever is interested. We met on Facebook, both Alin and me are pretty much about technology and the online, so it makes sense for us. This doesn’t mean however, we would do whatever it takes to get higher reach. I, personally, loathe the desperation some have to get through. There will be none of that here.

And while we are at it, we wish to thank our loyal few readers who follow us and show interest in our writings and photography.

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