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I never knew mom but I miss her. I don’t care that she left. Dad says she is in heaven right now, watching over us. Dad is here, he has always been here with me.
He seems tired sometimes, but even tired, he makes great pancakes. I love pancakes and strawberry jam, too.
Now, we don’t have a home, so we sleep with friends. Dad has many friends, but I don’t like Rita. Rita has a big house and she always touches my hair. Only dad can touch my hair when combing it for school. I miss school. I can’t be in school right now but is ok, I did not make friends anyway.

Today I will wait for dad to finish work. I read newspapers and learn the tube map. I know all the stations on the Victoria line.
My father is driving a huge truck. Sometimes he takes me up in the cabin and I get to watch the workers from above. Everybody looks dirty and happy, except Harry. He never smiles. Dad says Harry lost his baby son. Maybe he is missing his son. Maybe Harry’s son is in heaven with my mom. I miss my mom, but I don’t care that she is not here. I have dad.

January 22, 2017
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