Dilemmas Of A Conscious Omnivorous Person

This was supposed to be funny but the more I think about it, the angrier and more unsettled I get. Having to eat (in order to survive) sucks nowadays. Really. Why? Well because, honestly, I don’t know how to make peace with my appetite for certain things, industrial meat production, and global warming. And all those nutritionists and know-it-alls out there who blog about eat this, don’t eat that, don’t help at fucking all. This is why.


I am not a carnivorous person. I can go without meat, but I indulge myself once in a while. Occasional bacon or chicken soup.

I think not to believe that global warming is an at least partial effect of human activity on this planet is plain stupid. So, global warming? Fact.

I think that treating animals as mindless chunks of possibly edible food is also stupid. So, do animals feel and get stressed and suffer? Yes! Fact.

Am I a child who can’t help but drool when she smells bacon? Yes! Fact.


How do I live on this planet taking into account all of the above?


One way would be to live off the land, somewhere in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, grow my own cow, pig, chicken, tomato, aubergines, etc, just like my grandparents used to do. I would have fresh seasonal vegetables, meat from happy animals who grew, reproduced and roamed free until they landed on my plate. But then again I wouldn’t have time for anything else, so I would live to feed myself. Pretty unfulfilling, isn’t it?

Another way would be to not care and stuff myself with antibiotics and other chemicals used to treat vegetables and meat. I simply can’t be that ignorant.

One last way would be to eat tasteless, yet healthy, things and pretend I like it (I believe the healthy part is a momentary thing until some studies will find that quinoa, in fact, enhances some form of cancer they never knew existed). That doesn’t bode well for me. A while back I had a food nazi vegan of a boyfriend. After that horrible nightmare, my conclusion is life is too short to eat only seeds and vegetables and pretend I don’t miss the rest.

Truth is none of the above “solutions” are good for me.

I hate that I have to walk on this thin string and find a balance between healthy, qualitative, ethical, environmentally friendly food. I don’t mean to sound lame, but it’s hard. Ok, not the kind of hard people faced 100 years ago, but still, it is pretty complicated. We all live life on fast forward, have demanding jobs and can’t waste half of a day looking for good quality products. So we go to our neighbour supermarket and make the best we can out of their products. And that’s not really enough for getting good quality.

It is true that nowadays there are all sorts of organic bio home delivery services, but I am not sure they don’t just sell regular products with different labels. In the age where everything is marketing, who can I actually trust?

That is why articles like “5 hidden truths about salmon. After reading this you won’t want to eat salmon ever again.” don’t help me. Don’t tell me what is bad for me and why. That’s easy to find out.

Or easiER than finding out what I should eat so that I don’t damage the environment, make animals suffer, taste the flavour and feel full at the same time.

Do you know what’s not easy to find out?

“5 foods from your supermarket that are tasty, have a low carbon footprint and didn’t make animals suffer (that much)”.

Do you know why nobody writes that kind of articles?

Because it’s too damn hard. Not because it’s subjective or politically incorrect. No. Because it’s difficult to do all that research. Or maybe because they are afraid of the results because we are living in such a polluted world that the only way to make it another day is ignorance.

However skeptical I might be, I don’t believe the latter.

Why? Because I have conducted such a small research on my own about cosmetics. A while back, I have come to realise that all deodorants contain metals. I thought “hmm, this can’t be right!” and started to search for alternatives. That’s how I came across a whole range of cosmetic products and realised that almost all test on animals and when they don’t do that, they contain all sorts of weird chemical compounds, some of them carcinogenic. And so I started my little investigation which lasted quite a few months. I went through all sorts of cheap, average costing and expensive products, looked up their ingredients, went through tens of forum pages. At the end, I came up with a conclusion: a brand that I have been buying products from ever since. With very few exceptions that is all I ever use. I am not naming them here because it’s not about them, but feel free to ask me.

So it is possible to do that, especially when you name yourself a nutritionist, influencer, tree-hugger or whatever. You just have to stop copy-pasting ideas and start to really be useful.

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