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Embracing Morning

Sauron killed Frodo and Middle Earth is doomed. My right arm feels heavy and cold. I am waking up.

A new day is unfolding at the edge of our bed. She’s still asleep and I don’t want to move and wake her up. I love the smell of her warm skin. She is not going to give up her sleep to say good morning. I don’t want her to. She loves these moments of light sleep, so I crawl out of bed and remember the first bits of my plan for today. A splash of water resets my senses. Good! Now I can feel more.

The kitchen floor is cold. I fix myself some cereals and watch the flakes drown in rice milk.
Meanwhile, I am successfully ignoring the phone. I don’t want to know yet what happens outside my little world. I have almost given up social media. Too much noise, I guess. I’ve lost track of who is going where, doing what, being unhappy because.
I got to run now but, before I leave, one more look through the half open door of our bedroom. Her sleep slows the time and curves the light. The little Buddha statues is watching the silence. I step out of this world and embrace the morning.

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