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Ensis V Canto. Some Kind Of A Review.

I have decided to review Ensis V Canto, not because anyone paid me to (au contraire, it was expensive enough), but because, like most of the things I write about, it left a mark.

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, every person has their own guide, ritual or credo. I believe that a perfume should be a natural extension of myself or of one of my facets. It usually takes me months and a lot of research to decide upon a smell I wish to be defined by.

The basic stuff people write when reviewing Ensis V Canto are these:

It was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Paolo Terenzi. The Terenzis are a family with 60 years of tradition in making scents: candles and perfumes.

Top notes: bergamot, pansy, green leaves and cassis

Middle notes: black currant, Bulgarian rose, lilac and lily-of-the-valley

Base notes: cacao, patchouli, amber, musk, and metallic notes

That is it. Nothing about the experience.

It is unfortunate because Ensis V Canto is the kind of scent you don’t let go of. It is very powerful, wild, and yet beautifully delicate.

When you close your eyes and smell it, you can be anything and everything. A businesswoman in a men’s world, a flight attendant with time on her side, a mother who fights the monsters in her son’s closet at night, a lioness defending people’s rights, a ruthless femme fatale having men for breakfast, a nun in love with the sky, a passionate lover with joie de vivre, you could even be the president of a country wearing that scent. There is one thing, however, you cannot do and that is to stand still. Because this scent is alive, it is vibrant, makes you want to travel to heaven and dive straight to hell, only to have a story to tell.

Although a real perfume is unisex, the top and middle notes make this particular one a bit feminine. At the very end, when the aroma has embraced your skin, you get the roughness of the steely notes and cacao. Mind you, the smell develops differently on each skin, and the difference is even stronger between men and women. On Alin, for example, it smells bristly, harsher, which I love and envy.

When it comes to Ensis V Canto, one thing is certain after your first sniff: it’s immediately archived in your brain.

It might be no surprise that sometime in the distant future, when you are all rich and famous and your nose had experimented the smell of success, some stranger might go by, unnoticed and dim, leaving behind a faint hint of Ensis, your brain will just short-circuit. You will then go back to that one busy day you smelled it for the first time. It was cold and rainy. You were at the airport with your loved one and some time to kill …

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