Gangsta Nerds. Barong Family.

Barong Family, for those who don’t know, is a record label founded by the Dutch DJ group Yellow Claw back in May 2014.
Not sure yet how many of our readers love EDM but for me, this broad genre came back not long ago when my daughter got access to an Apple Music Family account. She is right now, exploring the music without any preconceptions. For now, everything is acceptable.
In our last conversation about the music, she justified the choice as colorful and full of rhythm. She loves the patterns and diversity of sounds. To me, hmm, I listen to EDM only when I have to focus on a repetitive action. The sounds transform into a bright wallpaper for the room I’m in and the walls of sound are keeping the rest of the world out.

Back to Barong Family. This project is home to many artists including Alvaro, Cesqeaux, Funky Craig, Dirtcaps, Fountain Of Youth, LNY TNZ, Mike Cervello, Mightyfools, Moksi, Snavs, Kayzo, Chace, San Holo, Coone, The Galaxy, Victor Niglio, Yung Felix, and Wiwek. Distributed by Spinnin’ Records from 2014 to 2015 After May 2015 Barong Family, separated from Spinnin’ Records continuing as an independent music label.

I’ve spent a few hours in the last week digging for music I really like and trust me, it’s not easy. Electronic music has become a polluted ocean and is harder and harder to stay in one place. The good news is that is getting bigger and Like Barong Family are many more others.

I will leave you now surrounded by a large family of young talented musicians. The video clip is a short documentary. Enjoy!

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