poem lifeoftwo

Girl I Sometimes Wish to Be

This is a half made up story and half reality.
There is this girl I sometimes wish to be…
she is real, I can tell you this, she exists in some
corner of a country,
which – doesn’t matter,
she has a husband and a job.

Every time I see her I think
that she is magic,
that problems don’t touch her,
that problems don’t actually exists in her world.

In her world she has a job
that only gives her pleasure,
also when it makes her sad.

In her world her husband
is forever in love with her,
doesn’t see her cellulite
or her bad moods,
because she has none – in her world.

In her world colour comes out of her mouth when she sings
and when she sings she actually paints in her world.

If I were to have one wish, I’d wish for her to never speak. Anything. Ever.

Every time she speaks, she falls. Words make her mouth look crooked and fill it with dirt.

Words are trouble. That is why I only sometimes wish to be her.

November 24, 2016
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