Grandson, The Wild Child Of Rock’n’Roll

The 23-year-old Toronto artist Jordan Benjamin, known today as Grandson, started his musical career two years ago, in 2016 with the single, “Things Change.” He soon produced, “Bills,”. This guy is hot. He seems unstoppable.
There is so much to say about his music. It is like a rock and roll cascade. A rhythm you will match your steps to on the street while wearing your cool headphones. To me, each song seems like a soundtrack of a wild scene from a Tarantino movie. The lyrics are simple and sharp, sometimes politically charged. Easy to follow, daring and motivating messages and a guitar that will melt your brains on high volume. An experience that will stay with you for a while.

There is so much to say and not enough so we leave you in the company of a wild child and his best friends. Enjoy!

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