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Happy Birthday To Me And Some Useful Advice For Men

It’s almost my birthday. Ever since I was a kid, my birthday always felt special. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones. Fortunately, even with almost 34, the trend continues.

This year I didn’t have time to think about the upcoming event. Stuff keeps on piling up from the first week of 2018 and I don’t see it any differently in the near future. So, except for a little celebration on Saturday, I forgot I was supposed to feel special.

Enter Alin.

After a long day in London, we had dinner like adults, at the kitchen table, not in front of the TV. Every time we see us in the evening, we have so much to tell each other, that I keep thinking about that joke with the two women who, after being released from the same prison cell, they spend another few hours in front of the prison gates to discuss things. It’s the same with us when we spend one single day apart after a weekend together.

We finally finish discussing everything, go to bed, I resume my Candy Crush few rounds before bed and then …

Alin: “How about you close your eyes?”
Me: “What? Why? Should I open my mouth?” (Semi-dirty joke. Why only “semi”? Because it’s half food-related and half … you know)
Alin: “No, come on!”

I go on and squeeze my eyes shut.

A rustle.

I open my eyes and there it is. A little wooden box. I know it very well. It’s from Afsaneh. So many times I have drooled at Froozandeh’s amazing jewelry. I promise I will soon write about her. Until then, Afsaneh is Froozandeh’s brand, this amazing woman who has a little shop in our little town. You might remember I am one for tribal jewelry.

Back to the little box. I am also one for trinkets. Afsaneh sells these handmade and decorated things that are a gem in themselves. But surprise surprise, it’s more to it. There is a necklace inside.

Now, I don’t know how to say this. You might think “she likes jewelry, what a shocker!”.

For me jewelry is not something that you wear on a fashion whim. Jewelry, much like perfume, is an extension of myself.

It might sound stupid, but I don’t conceive of wearing something I don’t feel a connection with. And man oh man, more like with people, I do know when I have a connection with a pair of earrings or a ring or … a necklace.

It’s the same with this native American design necklace. I saw it at Afsaneh some months back and I just knew. Of course, like with any other courtship ritual, we needed time to adjust to one another. I was determined to go back and buy it at some point, but I was waiting for the right time. Alin got there before me.

And here is where my piece of advice for men comes into place.

Dudes, don’t ever wonder “what should I get her for her birthday?” You already know. Don’t go for fancy and expensive. If she is one for fancy and expensive, chances are she is superficial and well … maybe you should get yourself another girlfriend for her birthday. 🙂 Beautiful gifts don’t cost much and show that you pay attention to her; that you care enough to remember.

PS — Photo taken from Afsaneh Facebook page, shows the amazing and caring Froozandeh.

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