happy birthday to Alin

Happy Brithday To You, Happy Birthday To Us!

It’s difficult to separate Alin’s birthday from – our – birthday. He was born on the 15th of June (a while ago), I touched down on Luton on the 16th, in 2016.

This is for Alin.
About you

I have been trying to put together some fine words, to tell you how many more other birthdays I wish you, but somehow nothing seems to be good enough. It always ends up in the same point and that is how brutally lucky I am to have found you; how your patience, kindness, selflessness, and tenderness have changed myself and the world around me.

I can’t stop wondering, maybe with a bit of awe or jealousy (depends on the time of the day you ask me), how is that everything you touch just changes for the better? How do you do it? It’s not for me, some friends made me ask …

About us

We always talk about how lucky we both were to have found each other. Weeeell … I don’t know why you think – you – were lucky, but I know why I am. Cristina told me. Apparently, I was much more bitchy before you, unhappy, grumpy, and everything that goes with it. Well, Cristina didn’t use those exact words, but I know what she meant. It seems I have dialed those down and let the happy/forgiving/smiling me come out. Well, if she says it, it must be right.

Thanks for the past year!

Now that I come to think about how much we laugh together, especially when it’s not appropriate to laugh, it does make sense. How should I put this?! Hey Alin, thanks for almost suffocating while laughing in the most awkward moments!

Because we are at the thanking part, thanks for teaching me stuff. I know I don’t always admit it, but I have learned so much from you in the past year. I am not talking about being kind and patient. Those things flew right by me. I am talking about us as a team at Brandise Studio.

Also thanks for taking pictures of me where I don’t look like a beast.
Also for discovering the magic of Paris and Chefchaouen together.
Also for understanding my love for small trinkets.

Thanks for this past year and may we have many more just like it!