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Hello. How Are You? Can I Kiss You?

A kiss is the most sublime physical manifestation we are capable of. Kissing is at the border between knowing each other and having sex, and sets us apart from other mammals, that either sniff each other’s butts or hump. So you would agree with me when I say that kissing means evolution.

Funnily enough though, nobody teaches you how to kiss.

Given the intimacy of the gesture and yet it’s lack of anatomical implications, it can’t really be taught or explained by parents or in school, as opposed to sexology. You simply can’t fully explain a -good- smooch: it’s not just mechanics; it’s also closeness, smell, taste, bodylanguage, atmosphere.

In most of the cases, you learn kissing by doing. There are, however, some exceptions that will forever stay in the jellyfish, cat tongue, reptile, cannibal departments. The good news there is that those guys won’t probably be aware of it, so they won’t be offended. The bad news is … well … the same.

Kissing in our lives? How much can we read into it?

We should distinguish between in-a-relationship kiss or I-had-10-tequila-shots kiss.

In-a-relationship kiss

In my experience, more often than not, that first time pretty much sums how your relationship will evolve. A stolen passionate kiss, as if you are finally drinking water after a hike in the desert, or scraping against your partner’s teeth, because you were in a rush, are two real-life cases that totally describe the consuming or unequilibrated relations that followed.

I lived through exceptions as well – bad first kisses evolved into beautiful relationships and seductive first kisses turned into children-of-evil-like partnerships. So you can’t really make a rule out of it, but there is a tendency.

I-had-10-tequila-shots kiss

If you haven’t already put it together, I am a kisser. I like kissing. I kissed boys and girls, mainly because I was curious. But also because I was living my wild days, free of responsibility and sometimes happily inebriated.

Kissing an almost stranger can be exciting. You don’t know what to expect. You can enjoy a nice experience or you can discard a bad one quickly, usually without consequences. I would advice care, though. Sex shouldn’t be implied and if you do that in any way, you might find yourself in trouble, especially if you are a woman.

Usually this kind of kiss is not to be taken seriously. It’s just fun, people experiencing people. But if not done with doctor’s recommendation, it might destroy relationships.

It is very strange. I have written over 400 words about kissing, and I still have the feeling I haven’t captured its essence. Maybe it’s no coincidence. The act is so vague, without real finalization, that it remains somewhat suspended, enticing and inviting nevertheless.

On a funnier a bit unrelated note, I found this link that totally captures the bad kissing experiences. Not necessarily for the words, but for the GIFs…

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