Hey UK, Between Corona Virus And Brexit Are People!

Ever since I came on the island, I tried to stay away from any politics. Mainly because I do not believe there is anything I can change and secondly, because the way politics is done here, kind of reminds of the way gypsies do business in Romania — if stuff doesn’t work, they shout and scream and kick and point fingers. Pretty much nothing different, maybe just clothes.

Today, however, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, I decided I cannot stay silent anymore because what is going on is simply disgusting. Mathematic and calculated but disgusting.

Here is why.

By now we all know the measure that a lot of European countries have taken in order to delay the spread of the virus. Spain, Italy, Germany are in total lockdown. Romania has declared a state of emergency starting today. The goal for this is to allow the sanitary system to catch a breather and support the sick to the best of their capabilities. Overcrowded hospitals lead to those impossible situations where doctors have to prioritise the sick, letting some simply to die.

In these circumstances, forbidding public gatherings of any kind, including kids going to schools, make sense, right? What does the UK do?

And boys and girls, the times for memes and having a pint are gone, alright? Boris Johnson and a bunch of other healthcare fucktards go out and say ‘business as usual, bla bla, herd immunity.’ You have probably heard this term before, especially if you are a militant for vaccines. Herd immunity is that thing that happens when you vaccinate a lot of people who interact with each other a lot. If you vaccinate the majority, i.e. the heard, the entire group becomes immune to the disease.

Sounds decent? Wrong!

This type of approach only works in the case of vaccines. There is little science to support this in terms of a non-vaccinated population. And such is the case with Covid19. There is no vaccine. However, the government doesn’t really seem to care about that.

There is something the UK government cares about though. Brexit and the economy.

We all know the shit-show Brexit is. For so long, realising the bullshit they’ve done, the UK has tried to exit the EU space with some sort of a deal/plan/whatever that doesn’t cut the much esteemed British economy at the knees. They’ve tried the deal thing for four years. They failed miserably. Now, confronted with the horrible situation of exiting with no deal, trying to put policies in place that won’t bring people in the streets, the UK is forced to look to every penny people make or spend.

And this, my friends, is the reason why they said ‘business as usual’. They are trying to save their own asses by breathing in the mouth of a dying economy, if you could allow for a disturbing metaphor.

And there is more. Darker stuff even.

Ever since the madness with Coronavirus started, I dared to think: this virus is a blessing in disguise for the economy — it kills mostly old people, the ones who do not contribute to the economy anymore, but consume a lot. And they are a burden for the sanitary system as well.

Such being the reality, please add this to the stuff about the Brexit fuckup. Doesn’t it really seem like the British government made a very cold-hearted borderline psychopathic calculated decision?

I hate conspiracy theories as much as the next person, but when you have stayed at home for a week trying to contain a virus you might have while your kid has gone to school, and then you hear Boris Johnson and other dickwads saying how everything is business as usual, kind of makes you lose it.

How can they?!

Well, I’ll tell you how. They have basically weighted everything. Delaying the Covid19 spread and risking killing whatever is left off this economy or letting it run free and killing the seniors who helped build the economy they want to protect so much.

Again, I am as antisocial as the next person, but this is cold-hearted, hell this is psycho even, and so much in everyone’s face, it makes me sick.

So next time when you are making your city break plans, please stay away from London or any other major city in the UK. Don’t give your savings to a country that only cares about money.

Photo credit: TheNation.com