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I Am Fine!

I have to admit I lied quite a few time in my life saying I am fine when I wasn’t. I was far from it. But what do you do when people politely ask you “Oooh, Oana, how are you?”. You say you are fine, doh!

It’s always been a very confusing time for me when I couldn’t gather my thoughts well enough to write something. Then I knew something was going to happen. Feelings boiling at the surface, not high enough to be fished out and nailed into words, but sufficiently visible in order to create chaos. So I am not really fine, stuff’s been bugging me, but I am confident it will get better. At least I will come to terms with some situations.

So what’s cooking this time?

1. Trump. Trump is cooking and Kim Jon what’s-his-face setting the world on fire. Dumb-ass pissing contest I don’t have fucking time to worry about.

2. The earthquake in Mexico. I haven’t had time to read about how bad it was, where exactly it striked, how many casualties. I read something about 200 something. My heart goes out to the poor people. I can’t help but wonder how would this scenario play in Romania. Which brings me to the next point.

3. Romania – shitstorm after shitstorm. I don’t know what to choose between greedy corrupted politicians, highly positioned incompetent beatches, intimidated journalists or the actual storm that swept through western part of the country leaving 8 dead.

4. How do you fucking pick a role model? I find myself invaded by all sorts of information coming from all sorts of people. It’s mostly people I discover on social media and follow then in the online. How do I pick the legit guys from the fake ones?

5. How and, most importantly, when do I start The Honest Thesis? That book is a must. It’s been calling me since the first day when I wrote the first words of my PhD thesis. That book will be my bible. But how come it’s so hard to put it together? It’s in my head and yet …

And, most important of all …

6. How can I give up eating the damned After8?

PS – Alin made a mistake in the kitchen, some food he is preparing, I just heard Carla saying to Alin “It’s ok, dad, that’s life.” :))