Is It Christmas I Am Feeling?

No, it’s not about Christmas. Although I wish it were. I wouldn’t feel like such a misfit… First of all, let me get this one thing out of the way.

Did you do you Christmas shopping?

Are mummy, daddy and the all the relatives all set? Yeah? Ok. Well, don’t be proud. It might just mean you are a victim of consumerism.

I know it has become such a trend to boycott Christmas, but I do this with all my heart. I just cannot take the amounts of plastic and general goods given as presents in the absence of a better alternative. Also … what’s with the huge amounts of food?! When has eating like there is no tomorrow been a good option except for … well … when there is no tomorrow.

What do you really wish for this Christmas?

Seriously. Have you actually taken a moment to think about it?

We are mostly wrapped in this mantle of physical goods and we forget the one thing that makes it all possible. And no, the answer will not be health, I am not that old yet. My answer is time. Yes, f* time.

I have started to talk like Alin, haven’t I?

He’s been going on and on about the economy of attention and how it is hijacked more and more every day by all sorts of devices, shows, opinions, people. Only recently have I started to understand his point.

More and more I find myself robbed of time.

Either it’s some supercool thing I really must see on Youtube, or some piece of news I have to read because it might concern my future (between Brexit and Trump and Romania, what can I focus on?), or environmental actions I like know of so I can live more sustainably or my everyday readings or my job, everything and everyone seems to want a piece of my attention.

I often find I don’t have enough bandwidth for everything. And god knows, I have started to cut back on social media and other perturbing factors.

My point is, I have reached that moment or age when I just want time.

Time to digest information, enjoy people, time to dance like nobody’s watching. My advice is, if you really want to offer somebody something this Christmas, give them time. Yours. It’s a scarce commodity nowadays. And Zuckerberg knows it.