It’s Aquarius Season, B*tches!

When I say ‘Aquarius’, or any other zodiac sign for that matter, I can almost hear Alin’s eyes rolling in his head. You see, he doesn’t believe in this mumbo jumbo. But I do. A little. It’s statistics really.

I have met a lot of people I simply connected with. And those were born at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. Coincidence?

Our birthdays coming up and all, I decided to write about us, Aquarians. Mainly because again, statistically speaking, 2019 kind of has kicked our asses so far. If it wasn’t a rough cold, it was family matters, broken devices or legs, or mad working schedules. But it’s ok. We can take it.

We are Aquarians. And your life is a little richer because we are in it, isn’t that right, Vio? But why exactly do you love us?

Firstly, because are an explosion of colours. We are spontaneous, we are creative, we are everything you dream of being when no one is looking.

Secondly, because we say it right. Some of us might talk more than others, however, at the end of the day we speak what we think, we are loyal to ourselves. Even when it hurts. There are no two versions of truth with us, we don’t like sugar-coating, and we don’t spend time in useless political debates.

Which brings me to the third point. We are not politicians. We couldn’t be. Because we can’t lie. When we do, everybody sees it because we start laughing.

Fourth, we are thirsty. For more. Always. If it’s knowledge or just mortal stuff like shoes, we don’t stop. Less is more?! Never heard of this.

Fifth, we go all the way for what we want. And fast. Motivation and speed are default settings. Do you know that saying with “find what you love and let it kill you”? We said that!

Sixth, we don’t get bored because when we were little someone told us that only stupid people get bored. Since then we have conquered Antarctica, become famous, lost weight and invented a device for mind-reading, all before falling asleep. In all seriousness, we are way too complicated to get bored. It’s like you have nothing to do and you take a stroll down mind-avenue and then you discover backdoors, memories, abilities, pieces of information you never knew you had.

Seventh, we don’t like stuff. We LOVE stuff. Probably related to fifth. We invest in stuff. People, experiences. There are no halves. We either love you or you don’t exist for us. Extreme? Depends on priorities, I’d say.

There are more, but … I am afraid the other sings will get jealous.

Happy plenty, Aquarians! You know you deserve them!

Photo credit: Stefan Stenudd

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