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Jog This!

Every now and then I jog. I want to make it more regular, but I am not always in charge of myself. Sometimes life takes over.

The Wish

It all started innocent – 2 kilometres and coughing out my lungs. I learned to find my own rhythm, that music is really important, scenery makes a big difference (so do food and clothes) and that setting up goals is not really good if I want to enjoy the time jogging.

The Hope

Slowly, ambition took over and I reached a 15 kilometres milestone. I was so proud! Especially because I got to test my latest acquired endurance on a mountain tour – 12 hours of almost non-stop trekking up- and downhill.

You can imagine how happy I was when I changed the scenery, moved to a hilly area, very poetic.

“Oh boy, oh boy, this will be fun!”

I thought, all hooked on the glory of mountain trekking and the milage I had as a jogger.

“I am gonna rock this!”

The Lie

Now let me ask you this: Why doesn’t anyone mention how much of a pain in the ass is to jog uphill? Do you know all those supercool blogs about staying fit, about running, learning how to breathe, etc? Why don’t they tell you something like:

“Oh, and by the way, do you know that nice park close by, the one with all the hills and deers and forest, yeah, you know it? Well, in case you were wondering if that is a good place for jogging, well DON’T! It will make you feel like you are breathing in broken glass and it will make you scream bloody murder. Better stick to what you know, lean paths, happy lungs.”

The Lesson

Let me tell you why nobody mentions this on their fab websites and commercials. Because there is nothing fab about it. Running uphill is like finding the purpose of life – nobody really tells you what’s all about, you just have to discover it yourself.

So I am back to square one. Run for 2 kilometres. Cough out my lungs. Walk a bit. Then continue. As in life.