Kids & Facebook. A Guide For Exhibitionist Parents.

I am not a parent. I prefer you think of me as of your unfriendly neighbour. Only that I am inoffensive and an actual unfriendly neighbour might not be so.

It’s very trendy nowadays to be against Facebook. And easy. And for those of you who might think I am doing this for trend, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass about what you think. But if you are in the least smart, you’ll listen to what I have to say. This concerns you and your family.

So this post is about Facebook and it is about the attention whores that we are.

And yes, the two are connected, but, we already established how smart you are, so I am not gonna explain why or how. What I will say, however, is that you might not realise how much you changed because of Facebook.

Recently, while scrolling, it really stroke me how people, who used to be decent and opinionated about art, politics, environment, hell … anything else than themselves, have completely transformed into attention seeking whores. This range starts with the ones bragging about their holidays and ends with parents bragging about their kids. In pictures. This is about pictures, alright.

So yes, Facebook has slowly transformed us into divas seeking appreciation. Nothing new there. But this is not even about that. This rant is about parents and their recklessness when it comes to their own kids.

Yes, we are at that age when we feel like we haven’t really lived unless we have a child. And indeed a child is a wonderful thing that casts a shadow over every other achievement in life. But is it really necessary to post pictures of him/her on Facebook (or every other social media channel, for that matter)? In case the answer to that is yes, which is totally understandable, let me point out a few things because of which documenting the existence of your child on Facebook is harmful. I am pretty sure you haven’t really informed yourself about it because if you had, the good parent that you are wouldn’t have gone on posting pictures of your child in every posture on a public platform.

1. You are probably aware that a child is a small person, right? And like every other person it should have rights.
One of those is the right to privacy.

Have you ever stopped considering that you are actually robbing your child of that? Your child will never have the opportunity to say no, I don’t want to be on social media when I grow up because he/she is already there and it’s been there even before he/she could say ‘cheese’.

Have you considered that maybe you are making him/her a disservice? That maybe he/she will have a job that will require privacy and you are making that impossible for him/her?
You are robbing your child of a form of liberty. So stop!

2. Are you aware that Facebook is a public platform? Do you know what that means? Well, that means two things:

A. The pictures you upload stop belonging to you once they are up and Facebook can do with them how they please.

Doesn’t that scare you even a little bit? You are basically handing over you parenthood privileges to Mark Zuckerberg & Co, that is what it means.

B. In case you are not strict enough to set the right privacy for your pictures (I am not really sure everybody knows how to do that mostly because Facebook has buried privacy pretty deep; also, I have loads of acquaintances that I don’t even know very well, whose kids I keep on seeing on Facebook), you do know that any pedophile roaming on the platform can find, see and well … jerk off to the pictures of your child.

Does that sound right to you? No? Well then, what are you waiting for?!

I am sure there are a lot of parents out there who haven’t stopped to wonder or inform themselves about the consequences of posting pictures of their offsprings on social media.

I can only hope that raising these problems will make them reconsider. As bad as Facebook is, we are stuck with it and it’s also up to us to make it better. And part of that is to know what we are dealing with before we give in to our exhibitionist self-affirmation needs.

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