Life Of Two In Asia. Bambusa Resort.

I am writing this while waiting for boarding the airplane that will take us away from the Phu Quoc island. You might have probably noticed but I haven’t really mentioned anything about the place we stayed at while here. It was on purpose. I wanted to dedicate an entire post to Bambusa Resort.

How and why I booked a stay at Bambusa Resort.

It all started with me looking for nice beaches. I found the island of Phu Quoc. Then, I looked for a nice place: cozy and clean, possibly as far away as possible from that resort feeling with loads of people booked with all-inclusive.

I found two places but decided for Bambusa because, and I quote myself from back then, “it has a bathtub that faces the jungle”. Yes, it is true. We stayed in a large room with access to the pool on one side and a gorgeous jungle vista on the other.

There is a light at the end of a plastic tunnel.

I have already talked about the plastic on the Phu Quoc beaches. It almost made us leave the island after one day. But, for whatever reason, we stayed. Well, I am lying, I know why we stayed. It was because of the insanely comfortable and huge bed we had in our room and the fact that we were kind of exhausted after Phnom Penh. I swear I have never slept in a bed that was more than two meters wide. In any case, we thank providence we stayed.

Discovering Bambusa

We stayed for six nights. In the first two days, we just hanged by the pool, sleeping, reading, watching movies. We didn’t bother to go anywhere else for lunch and dinner because the food was so delicious at the Bambusa restaurant. More than that, we kind of got the hang of Lee, the funky waiter, who always remembered what we liked: pancakes and lemonade.

At this point, I feel I should talk a bit about the food.

If you ask Alin, he will strongly dearly urgently recommend Pho Ga. This is some sort of chicken soup with noodles and green stuff. Out of the six days there, he had Pho Ga in four of them, that should be a testament of his choice. I tried various things, all good, even the European-ish dishes like spaghetti with mussels.

Our absolute favorites were, of course, the pancakes with passion fruit sauce. While we are here, what is up with this passion fruit? Ever since we came to Asia, we are always drinking passion fruit juice and it’s absolutely delicious. It looks a bit like having tadpoles in it. Consistency is similar, I am assuming, but the taste. Good god in heaven!

A place like Bambusa is only as good as the people behind it.

You know Alin, he is your next door guy whom you don’t have to ask twice if you need help. He is the kind of person who always makes friends because he inspires trust and he smiles a lot. As opposed to me who always looks like I want to rip somebody’s head off.
It is, therefore, no surprise when he told me he has talked to the owners and we are invited to have dinner with them. At this point, I was like … what? How? But I quickly moved past that. Anything for food, right?!

About the dinner itself, what can I say? The most delicious food we ever had since the beginning of our trip, including the crispy pork, which I deliriously loved in Bangkok, and the passion fruit pancakes, which we had promised to start a cult for.
About the company, I should say I was amazed by how easily people communicate, even when there are obvious cultural and linguistic differences. The secret is, I guess, to want to communicate. The rest is history and is made of English, hand gestures, Google translate, and images. Thank god for phones!

And that’s not all. Besides Lee, there were Bao and Hong, who magically seemed to know what kind of drink we felt like, or smile the warmest of smiles in the morning, or cook the best Pho Ga for lunch or dinner. In all seriousness, we were both sad when left.

There is more to Bambusa than it meets the eye.

Because we had the chance to talk to the owners and get to know their story, we found out about how that resort came into being. They designed and run the place by themselves. Of course, everything is a challenge. In the beginning, besides building the resort, they had to also build the roads that lead to and away from it, to the sea. Besides that, I loved the fact that they seem to be so aware of the impact their small business has on the island — at Bambusa you get served drinks with bamboo straws in an effort to use less plastic. They also use renewable energy to heat the water.

It’s all these small things that made us appreciate them for their effort, especially in a world where people do not care so much about preserving the planet.

Thinking about going back? Definitely!

You know, no one paid me for writing this post. We don’t make money from this blog. I write from the heart. That is why, when I say we loved this place and we strongly recommend it, that is not gratuitous.

We will probably go back around the same time, not in high tourist season (September-March). In April/May, their occupancy rate is around 50%, which is good if you need quiet and relaxation. You really feel taken care of. It might rain every now and again, but that is part of the charm.

So if you ever have questions about this place, let us know. Write to us on Facebook or on the Contact page, we are here if you need us.

Other than that, thanks for reading and don’t forget to check our Instagram for more pictures!

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