Life Of Two In Asia. Day 11. Phu Quoc.

Dear diary, today nothing happened.
Do you know how I was saying staying on Phu Quoc was supposed to be our holiday within a holiday? Well, we are determined to stick to the plan, no matter how much plastic is around us.

In other words, we are gracefully sticking our heads in the sand.

The little retreat we are staying at is a kilometer from the beach and is clean. It has a nice deep pool and friendly staff. Food is to die for and beds are huge. What more can we ask for?

Our day was amazingly uneventful.

Alin spent five hours sleeping after a big breakfast. He is the one waking up really early, sometimes waking me with him, which, you guessed it, I hate. Well, I think the heat got to him because he slept like a baby in the middle of the day.

I, on the other hand, didn’t listen to my own advice to put sunscreen on and got burned even though I laid all day under the umbrella. The only exception was while dipping into the pool.
But maybe I had a good reason. I started reading Fear of Fifty (Erica Jong) while I was in the UK and now I find myself really, but really, enjoying it. Words of advice: when you feel like it’s too hot, don’t wait till the end of the chapter to change your position, alright?

Toward 6 pm we witnessed the first tropical storm. It started raining like crazy so we had a swim. The pool was actually hot. Strange feeling.

I know this all sounds like a third-grade diary. So I will stop. But it might be similar in the days to come, mind you. Unless I have a brilliant idea. Which I won’t, because pancakes are on my mind.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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