Life Of Two In Asia. Day 12. Phu Quoc.

Today we lurked. Again. Man, it’s good to lurk. Between a dip in the pool, the bed in a room with AC and a nap, I don’t know which one felt better. Well, the untold story is that because I managed to fry myself yesterday, I stayed away from the chaiselongues and the sun.

The first achievement of the day

We managed to plan the rest of our trip. We left the UK with a sketchy plan: Bangkok — Siem Reap — Phnom Penh — Phu Quoc. The accommodation was booked only for Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Phu Quoc. No tickets for transport between the destinations.

From here, we had planned to go to Saigon and then up to coast to Halong Bay and then through Laos back to Bangkok. Well, things change. After our encounter with plastic and human ignorance, we researched the relation Vietnam has with plastic and how this impacts touristic destinations, especially Halong. Unfortunately, it seems to be the same as here.

We pondered if we will be able to ignore it or not and the answer is no. I, for one, can’t. That is why, we will most probably, after visiting Saigon, head south to Thailand. It’s the cliche I wanted to avoid, but, to be honest, if experiencing local culture means experiencing plastic, then I don’t want it.

The second achievement of the day

As I wrote on Instagram, a day isn’t wasted if you managed to see the sunset. On the beach, mind you. We went to that place that made my skin crawl a few days back. They managed to clean it up a little in the meantime. It was nice. The beach has fine sand and the water doesn’t get too deep too sudden.

Third, and coolest, achievement of the day

It wasn’t really an achievement perse, but more like an observation. As we were having dinner, I witnessed the cool interaction between the Vietnamese daughter of the owners of this place and a French guest. They obviously didn’t have any common point except for play. I marveled how easy it is for kids to interact with everyone. Doesn’t matter age, sex, nationality. She was making paper hats and airplanes and he was trying them on. They’d make funny faces at each other and play peekaboo.

We have so many things to learn from children.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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