Life Of Two In Asia. Day 14. Starfish Beach, Phu Quoc.

Our stay on the Phu Quoc island kind of resumed to the small cozy resort where we slept. I will use another post to talk about it because it’s well deserved.

What about Starfish Beach?

If you move past the plastic, there are a few things Phu Quoc is proud of. One of them is this beach which is usually filled with starfish. Of course, Murphy mocked us and when we went there the water was brownish from some strange algae and not so many starfish on sight. But enough to satisfy our … fishy curiousity.

We took a moped for the first time in our lives and we drove for about half an hour. Alin was a bit skeptical about it at first given the chaotic traffic from here. As a small parenthesis, we found it interesting how people honk when they approach a crossroad or when they overtake someone. It’s like saying “Watch out, man, I am coming!”. Alin quickly got the hang of that, of course. Parenthesis closed.

So we rode. At some point, the asphalt ended and a red dirt road took its place. Between avoiding the holes and overtaking other mopeds, we were singing the Mission Impossible theme song. What can I say, if you have cable TV in your room and Tom Cruise is on, you can’t do anything else but watch Mission Impossible.

At the end of the dusty road and coming right out of the jungle was the Starfish Beach.

It’s pretty picturesque actually. Some piers make their way into the water. There are a few restaurants with seafood around. They are massively overpriced for Vietnam, but I’d say it’s worth it because all the food is fresh.

If you walk along the shore, you get to experience that thing where everything stays still. The sand is white and Time is a friend of yours who came down of its realm to have a beer with you on the beach. The only things you see moving are the palm tree leaves and your thoughts.

Again, flashback into the past when I spend long summer days in Vama Veche at the Black Sea. We didn’t do anything else but swim, eat and drink beer. Don’t remember what we talked about, phones were not really a thing back then, so we only had each other’s company. But I had the same feeling of stillness.

How about the actual starfish?

Yes, there were some. Not as many as advertised. It probably had something to do with the algae in the water. For some reason, the water was brown. Maybe it’s not the right season for starfish (if there is such a thing). We did catch a glimpse, however. They look so fake but so cute.

All in all, the experience was awesome. Moped rulz. Starfish rule. We had a great day.

Thanks for reading. Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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