Life Of Two In Asia. Day 19. Krabi, Thailand.

There was a lot of debate whether to go up north in direction of Vietnam or to come back to Thailand and its beautiful beaches. Beaches won. So here we are in Krabi, a place with a very dramatic scenery from what we’ve seen so far.

There is not much to write about today, except for the fact that we are staying at a place in the jungle. The room is pretty wild, a lot of wood.

We decided to go eat out so we made the trip to the small town of Krabi.

Very touristic, a lot of Western food, which is not necessarily a bad thing. There is only so many noodles and soup and seafood I can take. Prices are also higher than in Vietnam. It was to be expected, this place is thriving from tourism.

Not what I wanted to say at all.

We got here and I had the term cosmopolitan jungle on in my mind. In our quest to find food (only to discover that we forgot the money pouch in the room; yeah, Alin, you had one job!), we wandered around. Everywhere you turn you can see two things. Well, actually three. Very modern buildings, which don’t look bad at all; dramatic mountains and jungle — patches and patches of jungle. I am assuming they will sooner or later disappear, but right now, as soon as the sun sets, they host a magnificent concerto.

It’s a bit scary honestly, says the city girl.

Right, so walking home, starving, I thought my eyes are playing a prank on us but we actually saw fireflies. And loads of them. It was a first for Alin and you should have seen him. Just like kids, his fascination for the glowy insects drove him to try and catch one. We made a tiny movie. It’s on our Instagram page.

Right. We eventually ate, came back home, tried to post the video of the firefly on Facebook, didn’t work, nice holiday, bye bye.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!