Life Of Two In Asia. Day 20. Aonang Beach, Thailand.

Mwell, I messed up the days. The previous post was the 19th day. I also messed up the places. We are in Aonang, not Krabi. But Krabi is close and we will visit it tomorrow.

A few words about the place we are staying at

We wanted to have some sort of a jungle-ish experience, not the resort everything-is-perfect-and-modern kind of thing. So we found this place called Phu Pha something. Of course, it’s no Bambusa, but it’s nice. It looks very wild, a lot of vegetation, a swimming pool in the middle, decent breakfast — I NEED a decent breakfast. The only downside of it is the mosquitos. Damn mosquitoes, man! They love me for whatever reason and I hate them. Doesn’t really seem fair to them.

Also, the place is not really in Aonang, which is great, because we don’t like people so much. Shh!

And it also has some cats. Tonight, there was a black cat waiting for us on the stairs. I am no witch (in spite of some might think :)), but I like them.

The diary entry for today

Today we spend it on the beach. Seriously. The whole day. We got there around 10 am and left at sunset. The Aonang beach was completely deserted in the morning which was absolutely great. Even so, we decided to explore a little. The beach ends suddenly with some abrupt cliffs. We noticed yesterday you can climb them on some stairs. We waited for the midday rain to pass and up up we went like hobbitses.

And there it was — Pai Plong Bay. What we saw was a private beach that belongs to some fancy resort. There were so few people in the water and on the sand that we basically had the entire beach to ourselves. I think, at any point or another, there were at most five humans disturbing the fish. It honestly felt like that because, every now and again, we saw fish jumping out of the water.

I have to say, coming here at the end of the season is the greatest thing that one can do. There are not many tourists and you really feel like you are in one of those postcards they use to advertise Thailand.

Some words about Alin’s inner animal

Do you remember how I said I discovered his dolphin side when we were in Siem Reap? Well, he’s gotten full-blown dolphin on me today. His face and shoulders got burned, you know, the parts that stick out of the water. It’s so funny how much he enjoys it!

Well, the truth is I enjoyed today every bit as much as he did. My skin got all salty and sticky, just like in the old days. He even said he hasn’t seen me so glowy in a long time. Well, it’s true. The sea awakens something in me. It’s just … so simple, so pure.

That is all for today. Check our Instagram for more pictures.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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