Life Of Two In Asia. Day 23. Tiger Cave Temple, Thailand.

What started as a normal day at the beach ended up being another mission impossible to the Tiger Cave Temple, on top of 300 something metres or 1237 stairs climb. This time, Alin didn’t bail, so we both enjoyed the pretty view from the top.

But first thing first. What was the most amazing part of today, Alin?

If you ask him, I am not sure he will say the view from the top of the Tiger Cave Temple summit. No. He will probably say that he did manage to fly his kite for about one hour on the Aonang beach. How his arms look after this, that is another story for the SPF squad.

He said to me: “It really seems there hasn’t been any decent wind till today, has it? So I am not a fool for not having flown it just yet.”
What could I have said? “There have been plenty of opportunities for you to fly it but you forgot it in the room.” To be fair, I am not very supportive of this kite thing, I can’t really say why. But I didn’t say that. I said, “Yeah, I think today it’s good for flying the kite.” I think this means a happy marriage?!


We ate Western food. Needed a break from all the spices. Alin had a burger and I had chicken wings with fries. I don’t know why I wrote this here. Moving on.

After-lunch plan. Rent a scooter, become Tom Cruise. Again.

It took us a while to decide in which order to do things. We had heard about the Tiger Cave temple, but after the rainforest experience, we weren’t really sure if that would be a good idea. But we rented a scooter again, because it’s so much fun to drive it (for Alin) and to be the GPS (for me).

The drive there is really beautiful. Patches of jungle and steep cliffs. When we got there, pretty much everything was closed down, all shops and eateries. We kind of like that. Every step of the way, we are discovering how beautiful it is to come here in the low season when the monsoon starts. It’s nobody around and the weather is not so bad.

The climb from hell

There are 1237 steps to the top of the hill. 1237 steps of various heights. At some point, I really thought I was being mocked. Some steps are 30 cm high. What can I say? We both had it rough. I don’t think I have ever sweated this much. My clothes were soaking wet. And so were Alin’s.

The view

At the top, at the end of hell, there is this gorgeous view over Krabi. It’s surreal. There is a huge golden Buddha overlooking everything. This is a temple, afterall.

Side note: I found it really nice how people coming down encourage the ones going up the stairs. I can’t say why, but it does help when you sweat that much.

Stuff that happens at the base

We came down the hill and had a lot a fun watching a bunch of monkeys. If I were to live there, I would never get bored. Monkeys are funny. Especially Alin thinks so. If you ask him why, he will tell you the story with a little monkey who grabbed his butt.

Other things that have nothing to do with the Tiger Cave Temple

Reggae. We drove back through some rain, more mission impossible stuff, gave back the scooter and, on the way home, some guy playing Californication on a dodgy guitar made us stop at a bar. He continued with some more funky things (No woman, no cry, obviously) and with Alin accompanying him at the drums. Well, too much said drums. He was banging on something alright.

We had that feeling of … relaxation you only get when you let go of things. It was great, even though the cocktails were bad.

That’s pretty much it for today. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check our Instagram!

Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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