Life Of Two In Asia. Day 28. Trip To Bangkok, Thailand.

We are back to Bangkok. Leaving Aonang behind was … easy, contrary to what I expected. The beach? Yes, the beach was difficult to leave but after I got mildly stung by a jellyfish in the last day, I think that was a wrap.

Not to mention, I really hated the Phu Pha Resort where we stayed. The beds were hard as rocks, linens were stained, tons of mosquitoes, bad coffee, the staff was stiffer than a broom.
So I was happy, I am sorry, we were both happy to leave and rediscover Bangkok.

There isn’t much to say about today.

Except for the view you are seeing from the top of our building. Yes, that is an infinity pool and no, our Airbnb wasn’t expensive. But it does feel a million bucks.

Oh, one more note for today. We committed the horrid act of eating at McDonald’s. I KNOW! Please don’t say it. I loathe myself for it. But it was hot and we were hungry and there wasn’t anything around and … did I say how hungry I was?

That’s it for today. Enjoy the view and don’t forget to check our Instagram.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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