Life Of Two In Asia. Day 29. Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok is amazing. Our first visit here, at the beginning of this trip, I thought it was just the excitement of being somewhere new, with good food. What can I say? We are pretty basic people. But it’s not (just) that. This place is incredibly vibrant. Everywhere I look there is a story, the buildings are magnificently combining new and old architecture, and, I don’t know about other big cities, but here you have skywalks.

Today started awfully slow. The place we are staying at is very comfy and it makes it a bit difficult to leave, especially when outside it’s burning hot. Not to mention, we started to watch Lucifer, you know, the TV series, and we can’t get enough of the main character’s charm.

We set the Pratunam Market as a goal, so we can get our asses out of the apartment faster.

We finally ended up in some sort of gallery with loads of small shops with clothes. I obviously found something for every one of us — myself, Alin and Carla. Spoiler alert, Alin got a very cool T-shirt with Marilyn Manson. I am a bit jealous, I admit.

Because we were getting hungry, we decided to make our way to the famous Jay Fai restaurant. She is a 70-something-year-old street food chef who got a Michelin star. She is quite famous and outlandish with her sky glasses so we wanted to check her out, not to eat there because the prices are just as outlandish as her looks (20-30 USD a dish it’s expensive even by London standards).

We walked for about 5 km in the Bangkok weather. I have to say, normally I’d complain, but I am in love with this city. It’s mad!

When we finally made it to Jay Fai restaurant it had started to pour. It was impossible to get a seat at her precious restaurant. Alin went to look for something around because we were kind of exhausted from the walk. I sat down on a pile of plastic chairs nobody was using and was cast aside. Shortly after, one of the ladies serving, not very young and not very friendly, made a gesture for me to free the chair. It wasn’t the act which bothered me, it was the face she had when she made the gesture. Have to say, it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

It was pretty similar to the bank clerks which refused us yesterday with the same bitter face. We wanted to exchange some money and we didn’t have a passport with us, only a driving license. I mean, I understand rules, you don’t have to look at me like I am the last person in the world and make that disgusted face.

But to compensate, the Grab driver we got on our way home was positively the sweetest guy. He spoke a little bit of English and told us about Bangkok and food. He even apologized for not speaking better English. In comparison to other people here, his English was excellent!

So yeah, that is Bangkok for you. Beautiful? Ugly? I don’t know and, at the end of the day, who am I to judge? This place needs to be experienced first hand!
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Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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