Life Of Two In Asia. Day 30. Bangkok, Thailand.

Another day spent in the amazing city of Bangkok. Today it was about food, glasses, and haircuts.

But first, let me say — Today was a good day.

Do you know those good days when anything you eat tastes like it’s good, even when it’s not when you feel loved or happy to have a beard to sink your kisses in? Today was a good day.
Exactly three years ago, Alin was adding me as a friend on Facebook. That is when it all started. I was going to accept a day later. But we will get to that soon because we are preparing a surprise.

On that dreamy note, we spent time at a cooking class (Alin — I hope he will write about this) and wandering around a mall and Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market.

Before you get all judgemental about the mall, let me tell you how it went down.

We were planning to kill some time before the said market opened. With that in mind, I was mindlessly surfing a crowd of various vendors selling anything from dried mango to underwear and clothes. I walked to a table with different types of glasses. Dooh! In all that crowd it only makes sense I discover where the glasses stand is.

Long story short, we ended up buying two pairs. We paid 150 USD for cool frames (I mean, really cool frames, the kind of stuff I haven’t found in Europe or, if I did, they were exorbitantly expensive) and prescription anti-reflex and photochromic lenses. In England, I would have to pay at least 400 GBP for one pair. You do the math.

Cheap incredibly good looking glasses is one part of a two-part story. The second was — we got a haircut.

I know, I know how this looks or sounds. Very nauseating. Doing the same thing, together, for our anniversary. However, I can assure you, nothing was planned.

For the past weeks, Alin has been complaining about looking too wild. I mean, I dig the wild thing but hey, I am not the boss of him. So, he said he wanted to get a haircut here but he wasn’t really sure. He is a bit hesitant in that area … for whatever reason. Anyway. So I said I will get a haircut as well since I can’t make a mohawk with my hair anymore.

We spontaneously entered the first and probably the only hair salon in that mall. I had read online that you don’t usually need an appointment here and I knew from experience that Asian people are quite skilled at cutting thick abundant hair as I have. This has always been a problem back home. And generally, in my life, finding a decent hair guy has proven quite challenging.

Anyway, so we got our hair cut. Alin looks just like taken out of a magazine. Very dashing. And I … well… let’s say I am at my happiest with this haircut. The woman (see picture) spent a good hour thinning my hair to make it look … messy. Something that only one guy (Marius) in Bucharest knows how to do. Oh, and the cool hair wasn’t even the best part. While washing my hair, I was given the most soul-shaking scalp massage ever. I literally felt like she cracked my skull open and massaged my brain. I kid you not. And it was the same with Alin.

So, word of advice — If you ever make it here, do get a haircut! Oh, try to come with a picture, if you want done something more daring. Thai people don’t usually speak English well. And you can’t really explain a layered haircut.

A few words about Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market in Bangkok.

We caught it too early and we will probably go back there tomorrow to get a proper feel. When we left, at about 18:30, people had started to pour, so I am guessing it will be quite busy.

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Good night, friends, wherever you are!