Life Of Two In Asia. Day 31 And Last. Bangkok, Thailand.

Today was the last day of our wonderful long holiday. We spent it in Bangkok from where we will board a plane tomorrow.

There isn’t much to say about today.

We did some shopping, ate the wrong food (for crying out loud, I don’t why, when faced with a choice, I seem to pick the wrong exotic food), got the glasses we ordered yesterday and wandering around the night market we visited yesterday.

Ah, one thing worth mentioning that is related to shopping — we bought ceramic. How else? Even here we discovered a second-hand Japanese store with amazing plates and cups. So we got a set of five plates, handpainted, a bowl made of clay which seemed very lonely on the shelf and five teacups made using a technique Alin assured me is not easy to use.

I think I make it sound more … boring than it was. This is why.

It’s because, to be honest, we are getting a little bit tired of this … rhythm. Don’t get me wrong, I love life of the road, but it’s nice to alternate exploring times with sitting back and maybe working or doing something a little more engaging or purposeful. This is one of the reasons why we both believe that working while traveling is actually a blessing in disguise and we are planning to do this in the future. We’ll see how and when.

There was another thing that happened today.

As you probably learned from my post on Facebook, today we celebrate three years since we met online and our long conversation began. This time coincided with a Romanian magazine (Revista Nunta) publishing an article about our wedding last year. Wonderful coincidence! We are truly honored.

This is it! The end of our holiday. I need some time to pull myself together to write some conclusions about this. Today is hardly the time.

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