Life Of Two In Asia. Day 5. Siem Reap.

The trip here was exhausting, so we took off one day to relax and maybe plan ahead. In Siem Reap, we are staying in a decent place, where people are extremely friendly. Well ok, I have to admit, this place also has a pool, alright? And I am not ashamed to admit this posh thing we sneaked into our itinerary. And you will understand below why.

The first day in Siem Reap we took off to relax by the pool and maybe explore the city a bit.

Now, when I say “relax by the pool”, what do you understand? I understand sitting in a chaise-longue, sipping on a cocktail, reading, maybe writing. That is pretty much what I did, except for the cocktail, which was a beer. Now let’s go and ask Alin.

“Alin, what have you done today, ALL day?”
“All day? What do you mean? Well, we had breakfast. Oh wait, before that, the cleaning lady knocked at the door and asked something and Oana yelled ‘Go away’ and fell back asleep. Then we had breakfast. Then … we hanged by the pool. I swam. Then we went to town, ate, came back and then I swam some more.”

Ok, hear that? Well, that is a big fat lie. I mean, it’s true, we did have breakfast and went to the city to eat, but that was a short intermezzo in — what I was to discover — Alin’s dolphin life. He simply wouldn’t get out of the pool. At all.

It was actually quite funny, at some point I convinced him to hydrate himself, because, “Alin, being in the water that long can dehydrate you”, he got out, drank and then said, “Ok, I have to go back in because my skin is all smooth and un-wrinkled.”

No wonder that now, at 19:00, after we watched a documentary about the Angkor Wat temple, so we’ll have a vague idea tomorrow why they make such a big fuss about it, he snores like a tractor. Should I wake him? He was kind of hungry before the documentary and I can’t believe that was all hunger for knowledge …

All in all, having a pool at our hotel was totally worth it. Seeing Alin’s face is proof of that (in case you have noticed, there is an actual person in the pool who is, suprise surprise, Alin!).

Some other things worth mentioning

I convinced him to get the Alibaba pants. You know, those which look like a skirt and are very airy. He was a bit skeptical in the beginning but after the tuk-tuk ride back home when his … stuff … was very … ahem … aired … he thanked me.

We had amok for lunch. Some coconut and vegetable sauce with rice. Wasn’t impressed at first, but actually love it, how else?!

For those who know me, I am a bracelet freak. Got myself a new moonstone bracelet. I wonder how many new ones will have by the end of this trip.

Also … got ourselves headscarves. Because we hate hats. So don’t freak out when you see us wearing them.

That is all. I am going in. To wake him up I mean. I think it’s starting to rain. Well, that is new.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!