Life Of Two In Asia. Day 2. Bangkok.

The biggest and most difficult thing to do is get out through the door. Stepping into hot air from AC requires a huge effort, mind you. But Bangkok is too tempting.

The second day in Bangkok was more planned than the first

It’s really very tiring to walk around aimlessly like we did yesterday. So today we decided to see the huge reclining Buddha. On the way there, we actually stopped at the Flower Market. It actually is THE flower market, since the whole of Thailand is bringing flowers here and the whole of Bangkok buys them from here. But let me do this properly.

Something you should know

This is not one of those blogs with useful tips where we give insight into how things work in various places. I am sure Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor do it better. This is one of those blogs where you read about people who go places to enjoy things and, sometimes, take dumb/uninspired/wrong decisions in the process. So, what I am saying is … we are just as new at this as you are.

Going back to Bangkok, we noticed that the ferries and boats traveling up and down the river are divided into colors and belong to different companies. We didn’t really understand their schedule or the direction they go really, but it helps that there are ladies there guiding you. I am again going back to how friendly these people are. They didn’t forget about the poor tourists waiting in a corner, but they literally grabbed our hands and guided us to the pier when our boat arrived.

The reclining Buddha from Wat Pho

I won’t bore you with the details on this. This is what Wikipedia is for. But I will say that the actual name of this place is Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajwaramahawihan.

The place is absolutely stunning. I heard some idiots wondering if that is kitsch or not. I mean, seriously? The intricacy of details, the sheer beauty is beyond words really. When I see things such as these I truly wonder where the f***k do we get our sense of superiority? White people, I mean.

Buddha is there. He is reclining and is big. Again. I felt so small. Not because of his dimensions (15m high, 46m long), but because of the details engraved on the statue.

The Flower Market

It reminded us of Marrakech and the souks. It’s people. And flowers. And colours. And, what surprised us is that all is quiet. People don’t shout to grab attention, there are no honks. I think nothing I say here will do justice, but maybe some images we will post on Instagram. Check it out!

Bad encounters

Some guy tried to convince us not to go to Wat Pho because it’s closed. Then he tried to trick us to take him as a guide. What can I say? After Marrakech, we could see right through this guy. He backed off after we said we are not interested.

Other than that, the most disturbing thing was the tuk-tuk drivers inviting us in. 🙂

Home at last

Again food from our next door street vendor. Crispy pork. Delicious.
Can’t get enough of this place. After these two days, I can honestly say that we are big fans of Bangkok. Could totally see myself living here.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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