Life Of Two In Asia. Day 0. Arrival In Bangkok.

I haven’t thought things through but I have decided to try and keep a travel journal mainly because I have often found myself unable to fill the blanks of a trip. I remembered smells, places, faces, sure, but generally, I am quite unable to remember just how I filled my time. So here it is.

Bangkok. Day zero.

We arrived in Bangkok after what Alin says it was an exhausting trip. The first contact with an immigration office guy was funny. I asked him, “Is this picture size ok?”. He smiled and said “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, let’s see.” and stapled the picture onto the visa form.

Our host

We found our way pretty easily to Teewara, our Airbnb host. Her place is small, but cozy, around Krung Thon Buri station. Hong, her boyfriend, waited for us at the apartment. He is very friendly and gave us all sorts of tips. After several interactions with locals, I think it’s safe to say that here people are generally very friendly.

Some food we ate

After a short rest, we went to find some dinner. The place is filled with street food vendors. We had some sort of broth and pad thai. Maybe I was hungry, maybe I had low expectations, but I loved the simplicity and smoothness of flavors.

Ok. That is it for today. I have to go because it seems that Alin is watching Thai telenovelas. I have to do something.

Good night, friends, wherever you are!

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