Life Of Two În Mauritius. Ziua 12. Port Louis

Azi nu merge.

Carla a scris deja, și a făcut o treabă bună cu trecerea în revistă. Azi ne-am odihnit pentru că aseară am căzut morți. Și e ceva în legătură cu acest apartament, de altfel foarte drăguț, dar cu niște modjo nașpa. Carla are vise ciudate, uneori coșmaruri. Eu cam la fel. Aș pune-o pe seama paturilor inconfortabile.

Deci azi am scris vederi, am vrut să le punem la poștă în Port Louis dar ne-a fost prea foame și lene să o găsim. Mai încercăm și mâine.

Vestea bună e că am găsit un magazin cu niște chestii din vâscoză făcute aici pe insulă. Așa miștoooo. Mi-am luat o salopetă de o culoare piersicie. Te cam dori dinții de la ea, dar se simte mișto pe buci și bulănașe.

Apoi am citit. Și am lenevit. Și am jucat Candy Crush. Se oftică asta mică pentru că am depășit-o la nivele.

Boring af.

Nici nu știu ce e pe Insta că Alin acuma alege pozele.


Day 12 was a lazy day.

We didn’t do much and mostly went around the house doing our daily routine. The house seemed more mellow than usual, a vast contrast from yesterday’s bustling atmosphere and action.

I woke up from another terrible nightmare at around 5am, dreaming that some sort of invisible force was stealing my most precious things. I read the Hunger Games for a while and started to check in the kitchen if anyone had woken up yet — I had no luck until about 8 or 9 when I started to hear the unmistakable groans and tired footsteps that could only belong to Oana. I came out of the room and made some breakfast — granola and a chocolate cereal — and went to eat out on the balcony per my usual routine. We ate and Oana got to level 326 on Candy Crush!

After our slow morning, we began to get ready for the day ahead.

We changed and ate a small snack before lunch, because we were planning to go to a Chinese restaurant in Port Louis. I drew braids and people in my sketch book on the way to Mr. Bao. Once we arrived at the decorative parking spot in Chinatown, I started to feel slightly woozy and light-headed- luckily it was only a ten-minute walk to the restaurant. The walk there was hot and dangerous. People rushed by in old cars and speeding scooters on the roads and others yelled at the tops of their voices advertising noodles, fruit and whatever else they had on sale.

At last we arrived at Mr. Bao. It was a small restaurant with garish garages and roads around it, and seemed completely out of place with its bright colours and its constant chattering from the customers. The food was good, but not the best that I’ve ever tasted. We got dumplings and buns with chicken and pork and steaming lettuce, and everything had a pang of sweetness to it. After our lunch, we explored a mall near our hotel and found a few nice pieces of clothing and accessories.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s work, sorry that there wasn’t much to write about — I’ll try and find something more interesting to do.
Thank you!


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