Life Of Two În Mauritius. Ziua 19. Quality FoodHub

Am să scriu în engleză pentru că acest post este dedicat unor oameni pe care i-am cunoscut aici și despre care ați auzit — familia care deține Quality FoodHub, locul unde am mâncat cel puțin o dată la două zile de când suntem aici.

It so happens that every-time we travel good food finds us.

In our last trip to Sri Lanka, we discovered the little Thai place run by a subtle and shy Thai woman. In our last day, we went out there with Chris, our Belgian friend.

This time, after a few days spent on the island, in one of our I-am-so-hungry-I-could-eat-a-horse states, we pulled over by Quality FoodHub.

Little did we know what treasure we had discovered.

It’s been more than two weeks then and we went back at least once every two days. And the food was to die for every.single.time. Wether it was curry (fish, chicken, vegetarian, you name it, it’s heavenly) or mine frite or seafood gratin, we always left the place smiling with our stomachs.

The place is run by a family: the couple — Vishal and Hansa, and their daughter, Vaishnavi.

Today it was our last meal there and we had a little time to talk. About what we do, about how their business, about Mauritius, Europe and everything in-between. The kind of talk that runs smoothly, between long lost friends.

I was just speaking with Alin on the balcony. No matter where we go and how many places we see, we, Europeans, we have our bubble. Things are neat. Our struggles, though real, they are so different from the rest of the world. In another league with other rules. Our habits are only imperceptibly changing with countries on the old continent.

And yet, as much as we feel on the outside looking in at Mauritius, people see people.

For it is people we have discovered at Quality FoodHub. The warmth, the honesty, the smiles. For as much as the language barrier exists, as different our approach is to life in general, there is an almost palpable feeling of joy when sharing stories with these people.

It happened tonight. And I can only hope we will come back to that wedding, wink wink …

Thank you, Vaishnavi, Hansa and Vishal, for feeding us and for making our stay more authentic and pleasant!


I won’t explain the events of this morning because there are much more exciting things happening. The monotonous routine that you may have heard quite a few times in the past few weeks is of no need to fill up the first two paragraphs today.

It was becoming late evening and I was becoming increasingly worried that Oana and dad wouldn’t wake up until tomorrow morning as the sun dipped down over the horizon. I was about to go and wake them from their seemingly endless slumber when I heard the slow patter of feet from the bedroom and knew that they’d finally awoken. Once they had fully woken up and their grogginess slipped away, we went out for a swim in the ocean (not much to see at that point, but we did find an old clay pot full of seaweed that had somehow turned up in the shallow crevices of the rocks).

At around 6pm, we drove to Quality FoodHub — as you know, we are leaving tomorrow, so we wanted to gulp every mouthful of their delicious food as we could before we left.

We found that today they’d made Briyani (a type of curry with rice, potato, vegetables and chicken) and fresh Indian sweets. They piled plateful upon plateful of steaming curries and salads on our table. The food was spicy, light, exploded in your mouth and was so full of flavour and love that it made you want to cry and laugh at the same time. I just can’t believe that it’s already been two weeks since we discovered Quality FoodHub. It felt more like two days …
After we payed (Well, tried to, they wouldn’t let us give them money for this meal!), we all had a conversation about cooking, their life here in Mauritius, our life in England and about when we’ll meet again. They were even nice enough to say that they’d come to wave us off from Mon Choisy. They even invited us to their daughter’s (who also helps at the restaurant) wedding!

Tomorrow at 8pm, we’ll be flying off to Dubai, and then to England.

I’m really going to miss Mauritius. I’ll miss the clear blue water, the pool, the food, the people, and everything about this place. I hope that someday I’ll get to come back here for a longer time, to appreciate the culture more thoroughly.

I guess this is the last time I’ll be writing on this blog, too. Thank you for reading this blog and following through with us on our trip to Mauritius! I really hope that you enjoyed reading these short recounts and I hope that I’ll be able to write on the blog again soon.


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