Life Of Two In Spain. Day 6. Seville. It’s That View!

Today we traveled for a few hours to Seville. There isn’t much to be said about this city. Not yet, because we were too busy arriving and then … tapas happened. And wine. And the view of all views. So we are staying in, listening to James Blunt and pretending we are so cool that it doesn’t affect or says anything about us.

Let’s take it chronologically inverse or how do you say to that thing when you start with the last thing.

The view over Seville

Our host is in the middle of the old city of Seville. We are it. The center. As Alin said. From here, you can see pretty much everything interesting in Seville. Even if it’s just the roofs. But it does help to estimate how long it takes to get to … Metropol Parasol, for example.

To be honest, I wouldn’t need anything else but this view (follow this link to check it on our Instagram). It’s a strangely comforting feeling to be above everything else. Now I think I understand cats a little bit better.

Also, it’s very quiet.

Our host in Seville

We are staying with Airbnb, how else. Although, to be honest, I am not sure I like this brand anymore. I read too much weird stuff about failed experiences. Anyway, so far, so good. We will see for how long.

Back to Seville, our … studio is somewhere, on top of a building. To be honest, it looks pretty improvised on the exterior. In the sense that I am not sure it was designed for people to live here in the long term. But — and this is the biggest of buts — it’s so f*cking awesome. Soooo… out of this world picturesque, bohemian and zen. Check out these pictures of it. I don’t know, man, it simply has those vibes.

The terracotta floors, the suspended bed, the double terraces, the comfy couch, the real art hanging on the wall, everything is more hipsterish than my heart can take. You can see me (almost dying) in the picture. Yes, that is me. Do you think anyone can have a nose like that?!

The trip to Seville

We came here by bus. ALSA. It was ok. However, the story here is not about the travel itself, but about the people, person, actually, we saw on the bus. This 20-something old chick spent about half of the trip (which lasted for three hours) taking selfies and making movies with her holding a strain of (curly) hair and suddenly letting it go. I shit you not. I didn’t want to take a picture of her because, you know, common sense and shit, but I am mean … cummon! How self-absorbed can you be?

I get now why they call us/them shallow or the snow-f*cking-flake generation. I have to admit, had fantasies with me chopping off her curls and her weeping in despair.

Hmm, I sure have a lot to say for someone who doesn’t have anything to say. See you tomorrow, folks!
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