Life Of Two In Spain. Day 7. Seville. Catholicism.

Today we started off really relaxed at Metropol Parasol.

It’s a huge construction, the biggest in the world, actually, made of wood, that looks a little bit like a big mushroom/waffle. It was built instead of a market that was kind of falling in disgrace. Se the picture above.

It’s highly modern and somehow still mellow enough not to disturb the respectable old buildings around it. We really liked what we saw in a documentary a while back but, to be honest, the live experience was a little disappointing. It really seemed … sloppy or unfinished. It lacked the wow factor. I can’t say how it could have been made better, but we weren’t blown away.

Next thing we did was to visit Iglesia de El Salvador.

It all started there but it was to explode later on. Hold on.
This church is … a church. A lot of statues and sculptures, golden stuff, marble stuff, wooden stuff. Completely unnecessary is you ask me.

The absolute horror of horrors was the Cathedral de Sevilla.

The biggest Gothic cathedral in the world is the mothers of all monsters. I felt like being in a metropolis when inside. A church here (yes, a church within a cathedral, you read well), some altar there, two humongous organs flanked by the most intricate sculptures in what seemed to be wood or marble, all sorts of clerical clothes proudly shown around the huge pillars. It’s absolutely ridiculous. That opulence!

I have been around in my life. But I have never ever been left speechless by big constructions.

But this cathedral is no longer a big construction, it’s megalomaniac monument really, it’s an unnecessary luxury. Who equates belief with gold? Certainly not god.

Alin is a declared atheist. I am in that place where I prefer not to discuss these matters because I think they are very personal and if you choose to believe in something that is your business and your business alone. But after seeing the cathedral today, I am sure I will never look at catholicism the same ever agin. Something doesn’t feel right to have all that opulence in one place and use it to belittle the average person into submission. It’s not right to make people believe god resides only in such places and you have to come here to see/hear/feel close to him. That’s why people come to church, isn’t it?

If god is everywhere, why do we need the tall buildings, the golden statues, the millions of hours of work and wasted resources to build one particular edifice?

As an artistic effort, the cathedral is amazing. As a religious instrument it’s a piece of crap.

You might feel like you disagree, please challenge me on it, but first, come and see this monster for yourself. Ah, I almost forgot, we posted some pictures of it on
our Instagram.

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