Marrakech Is Not For The Fainthearted

This is a broad story of Marrakech. We have decided to come here for a week following a trip to Chefchaouen a year back. It’s not the blue of Chefchaouen that enchanted us, although I did write a story about that here and here; it was more … some sort of magic we both felt. Something bigger than us. You might think I am talking nonsense, but even Alin would concede.

So we thought, let’s go somewhere else in Morocco. And we got to Marrakech.

After the first day here I can say it: Marrakech is not for the fainthearted.

This city will invade you in ways you didn’t think it’s possible. It will shout at you, grab you, burn your lips, talk in tongues at you, infuse you with a mozaique smell of spices, oranges, pee, leather, smoke, fried stuff.

Everywhere you look somebody caries something or drives like mad. Everyone wants to sell you stuff. Maybe because we so look like tourists? And everything they sell has an exorbitant price. We do look rich after all, don’t we? I have the feeling that everybody tries to cheat me and I hate this feeling. More than hate itself.

So I go back to the riad, that looked so beautiful in pictures and yet it’s not quite what they painted, I get under the sheets, I recount all my disappointments and I fall asleep. And while I sleep the sleep of almost no dreams, I remember some superhero action and my everyday job sneaking in there, something amazing happens.

Next morning, I wake up light as air. Settled. Almost like rebooted.

And if I don’t take into account a small job-related meltdown I have first thing in the morning, I’d say it was almost a perfect start in the day. You know, a clean slate. How is this possible?!

So we take on the city for the second day. This time things are different. More smiles, faces are relaxed, people ask, don’t just grab, they invite, don’t push. We learn to distinguish between friendly and fake attitudes. The city is opening up.

There are many experiences we had in Marrakech we will talk about in future posts, this is just a first taste of it.

Marrakech is a not for the fainthearted. The city is like an untamed lover. You need to work to get to their soul.

But when you do, you truly learn the art of love and nothing will ever be the same.

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