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Monster Sandwich For The Monsters

This is going to be short and sweet like red pepper if you will. It’s about a sandwich. We have advertised it a bit on Instagram, but I believe it was not enough.

A while back we were pondering what to have for dinner. I always tend to listen to my cravings, and boy I got lots of them. Alin is a bit more adaptable, so he first asks me what is I feel like eating.

Alin is very skilled in making fancy bites. You know, kind of like sandwiches but a bit funkier. This one evening, because we had already gone through all kinds of combinations, we were in dilemma. And I believe it was me who came up with the idea of an inside-out sandwich. You know me, I get all sorts of ideas when I am really really hungry. 🙂 This is how the Monster For The Monsters was born.

What you need to know.

One red pepper makes for one sandwich and it’s enough to feed you, without feeling like you are bursting afterward.
Be sure to eat it with someone you really trust with the less good-looking part of you. Why am I saying this? Because it will make you look like a hungry monster when you eat it, meaning not pretty at all. It will, however, be totally worth it, trust me.
If you care for extreme sports, eat it in the dark, while watching a movie. It will get even messier.

What you need to have.

• 1 red pepper, the longish type.
• 1 generous tablespoon of hummus
• 2-3 strips of bacon
• Creamy blue cheese, preferably something with a smooth taste
• Cheddar cheese or some other mild hard cheese
• A handful of sunflower seeds
• 1 Spring onion
• One slice of bread
• Mediterranean spices, salt, black pepper

How to make it.

Roast the sunflower seeds with a bit of salt and Mediterranean spices. Take them out. Put the bacon in the pan, wait till it gets a little crispy. Take it out. Slice bread in long stripes, toss them in the pan. When they get a bit of color take them out as well.

Time to start assembling.

Slice the red pepper on one side. Remove the insides. Smear the hummus on the inside. Add the sunflower seeds. They stick nicely to the hummus, don’t they? Toss in the bacon and a few pieces of cheddar cheese. It would make sense to crumble the blue cheese and stuff it in there in the empty spaces. The spring onion goes on top and, if there still is space, put some bread croutons as well. If it’s too tight, you can have them on the side.

I know it looks messy, but like any other decent cook, or maybe just like a very hungry person, you will care more about the taste and less about the looks.

The secret to this recipe is that you can add as much or as little of the things as you want. It all depends on your taste. You can also skip the bacon altogether. Or the cheddar cheese. What I would not advise you to do, however, is to skip the blue cheese. I think whoever thought about combining red pepper with blue cheese was a genius.

Let us know what you make of this.

Bon appetit!

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