oh, my eyes!

Oh, My Eyes, My Eyes!

Kid finishes eating sardines. She is advised to put the rest in the fridge. While she does that, she takes out two eggs and puts them on her eyes.
“What are you doing?”, Alin inquires.
“I need to refresh my eyes, my eyes are tired.”
“You know the eggs come out the chicken’s bottom, they might be dirty.”
“Oh, ok. I need something else then. Do we have something else that is cold?”

Nobody really answers, so she insists.
“Do we have cucumber?”
We almost always have cucumber in the fridge for her.
“No, I forgot to buy it.”
“Oh, cummon, it was the only thing that could make my eyes fresh again.” (!!!)
She sounds disappointed. I am curious how far she’ll go with this.
“Why do your eyes need refreshing?”
“Cuz I have been watching iPad a lot.”
“Alright.”, as I am trying to suppress my laughter, “So what else can we use?”
“I don’t know, some ice?”
After a long debate about how to put ice on her eyes, in a bag, or in a towel, or directly ON the face (no kidding, she did suggest that), she rests on the couch with two ice cubes wrapped in a cloth on her face.

Me? I am just (@_@) whaaaaaaaa’?!