Portrait Of A Girl I Met

There are people who are not a cumulative something but rather one thing and one thing only. This is her. She is good.

Don’t get me wrong. She is superficial too.
And loud.
And egocentric.
But deep down, at the bottom of everything, she is good.

She embraces with her smile and conquers with her honesty.
She has this particular talent of saying things how they are without hurting anyone’s feelings.

And I should know a few things about honesty. I take pride in being an honest person, but deep down I know I hurt people with my honesty. I just don’t bother to filter because not many of them are worth the effort. There. I said it.

But for her, it comes naturally.
She’d have all the reasons to say hurtful things but she doesn’t.
And she doesn’t sugarcoat it either.
She just catches that subtle beauty of things and puts it into words.
Sometimes it might seem fake, and maybe it is some self-imposed optimism because her life cannot be bad in any way. But for me, and probably for those around her, it’s very refreshing. Almost like seeing fairy dust.

She is amazing not because she is trying to be amazing, but because she is failing so gracefully at it.

And it’s almost like she knows as well.

I could very well understand why she’d make for someone’s muse. To a certain extent maybe she is mine. But it’s not because she is trying so hard to be, but because she is gracefully failing at it.

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