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Some Constants In My Life

Going back to Romania is always like stepping back into a dimension. A special dimension, a cosy dimension, a dimension governed by certain constants. This time was no different.

The exact purpose of my visit home will be revealed in due time.

It had something to do with a dress, I will only say this much. Besides that, I obviously filled the time with all sorts of get-togethers and people that I miss when in England. And so I’ve seen some patterns emerge.

1. A night of going out is not really complete without a good head bang.

While the temporary effect is the same — adrenaline and getting lost in the lesbian-orgiastic moment that Whiskey In The Jar brings forth, the result, however, differs through time — next day back and neck pain covers more and more muscles from one year to the other. And if you think, just for one second, it would be a great idea to go out next night and try to forget about the pain and shake it again, well that shit just doesn’t work anymore when you are in your 30s.
So head bang — I still gots it! Ouch!

2. Bad pickup lines.

I am not the kind of gawl who usually gets picked up in clubs. Must be something about my unfriendly appearance. Or glasses. Or both. Fact is there still are some naive or insanely courageous people who try to overcome that. Kudos to them. And yet … how the hell do you turn to someone and say “What dioptres do you have?” In what world is that a good conversation starter? I don’t mean to be insensitive, but dude, next time something like “I like your … ” would do just fine.

3. Connections with special people are like a good wine. They get better with time.

It has become clear to me since high school, I am the kind of person who brings people together. Little was I to know that not all people want to be brought together. But man oh man, the ones who do, they are friends for life. And it’s truly gorgeous how these relationships evolve over time — they follow individual trajectories, while still maintaining a personal group flavor. You know, old silly inside jokes meet responsible mature visions of the world. It’s never tiring how beautiful these interactions are and how much filled with love.

4. Sex & The City is a timeless classic.

No matter how much of an engineer I am/was, my aversion toward excessive girly things, I find it healthy and refreshing to go back to my gender roots. All those cliches about what girls do/think/speak are cliches for a reason. That shit is buried deep in my DNA and needs to get out every once in a while. So, whoever doesn’t have gawls to hang out with Sex & The City style, I think they should find some. Doing that is pretty much like shaving — you can totally live without it, but it’s so much better when you have shiny legs.

5. Thank god for parents! They will always care about the little things.

I know it should be an entire post dedicated to them, but I will only say this — the world is a bit more complete when they are annoyingly asking you if you have eaten if your clothes are warm or make fun of your new haircut. Thanks, dad!

6. Snow. Ultimately, the kid within has won, although the adult has put up a good fight as well.

SNOW. Every kid loves snow. Because they are irresponsible naives who don’t care if their feet are wet or their hands are cold. Bottom line is they are knee-deep in snow, making angels or iglus or just piling up a lot of snow just for the sake of it. Growing up is irritating because you stop enjoying the fun and start acknowledging the cold.
The same happened to me until I realised that no matter how cold and infuriating the blizzard is, the way nature revirginizes under the white fluffy blanket is forever daunting. So I declare myself the ever servant of snow and I promise to never ever complain about the cold it is bringing with itself.

So here they are, a few constants I have come to realise govern my life. It’s really soothing to know they exist.

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