Sorry, Dudes, But Size (Alone) Doesn’t Really Matter!

Yes, this one is personal. More personal than my better half would feel comfortable with but what the hell. I owe it to myself, and maybe to other women as well, to shed some light into this size-matters-thing. Because there are soooo many out there, both men and women, who stop in their tracks when they talk about big penises as if they were some sort of guarantee for anything.

But first, ladies, let me ask you this: How many times does a big penis equate with good sex?

I can’t speak for all, there are obviously some anatomical things that come into play here as well, but based on discussions I had with some gal-pals, most of us seem to agree that big penis doesn’t mean good sex. Hell, most of the times big penis actually means painful sex. Thank god for that because at first I thought it was just me!

Actually, taking one step back and putting everything in perspective, in my experience, big actually meant bad.

Bad sex. Of course, at the time I didn’t know that because every time I was in a relationship I thought was good for me. I was, obviously, also wrong. Very wrong. Come to think about it, I had a hunch of some kind, because in the last relationship, I started reflecting on this size-thing. And I remember having this discussion with the … ehem … owner and articulating: ‘You know, size doesn’t really matter. Well, it does but only as much as the emotional connection.’ I think he stopped listening after ‘Well, it does’, because being the dick (literally and figuratively) he was, he had the emotional intelligence of a pubic hair.

I heard other women had similar experiences. What is it with guys and measuring their penises all the time? Don’t they have better things to do?

Also, if we really speak about sizes, you simply can’t say big is good without mentioning the vagina.

Because big penis is good for big vagina. I hope you can guess that big is a broad word and can refer to both diameter and length, depth respectively.

And there is some other aspect as well, if we talk about anatomy. The G-spot.

Let’s say Big Penis meets Big Vagina and they decide to have sex. Let’s also say big G (spot) resides more towards the exit of the Big V. Now that makes it pretty complicated for Big P, doesn’t it? Being the adventurous type, Big P goes deep. Really deep. On and on until he can’t anymore. Big V enjoys the show but doesn’t see the fireworks. Big P is really confused:

‘But why, for the love of god, they were right there!’
‘What do you mean? I couldn’t see them. It was same old same old for me.’
‘But … but … Big V, whyyy?’

Until they both end up frustrated and stop seeing each other. And this happens because big vagina doesn’t always mean a deep G-spot. Sometimes it’s right there at the entrance, waiting for the right penis. I repeat the -right- kind of penis, not big.

And lastly, one piece of advice from my 35 year old self.

Ladies, get a guy who knows how to find the sweet G-spot! Or if he doesn’t know, at least listens when you try to guide him. Because big penises? Mwell, those you can even find in a shop.