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Specky-four-eyes Oana

This is a little insight in a miop person’s life and her choices.

Here’s the deal.

I wear glasses and I like it that way. Even though not wearing them turns me into some sort of a bat, aimlessly poking my way through space, I am not willing to give them up in favour of contacts. Why? Because glasses are a fashion item and also because my nose would feel lonely without them.

A little bit of history.

My first pair of glasses had metal frames and were very nerdy. Truth be told, I have come to embrace the nerd inside. Every day I am getting better at playing that string.

Only with the second pair I really started to experiment. So I blame the perverse secretary frames on that.

Third pair — another experiment. I mean, red frames can be cool, if you get the right shade, which I didn’t. And I didn’t even get to compensate with a bold shape or anything. No wonder they ended up shattered just like the relationship I was in at the time.

So I decided to mourn my red glasses with pair of black frames, a bit too manly if you ask me now. And also… boring. I was afraid. Now I know of what, but back then I really thought I was gonna be a happy engineer.

A few other uninteresting pairs followed. Got the job done, nothing spectacular.

Now. There comes a time in every girl’s life, when she gets a good thing going. I entrusted my sight and my looks to Garrett Leight. This was about five years back. I was earning the big bucks at AIRBUS and could afford it. I mean, €200 something for some frames is not cheap. Add lenses with all sorts of coatings to that and you go home €500 lighter. We had a lasting friendship, till they decided to crack at the nose bridge part. Goodbye, my lover.

As much as I wanted to fall in love again, it simply wasn’t possible. The frames I have right now are Polaroid. They get a meh on the looks scale and a crappy on the technical one. I mean, how can you combine metal with plastic in the hinge? The suppressed engineer within me screams bloody murder. Why did I buy them? It was a time-sensitive matter and they were the best available option.

But things are looking up.

I change my glasses every two or so years. My diopter changes, so do my likes for a frame. I’ve had mine for some time now, so I have started inspecting the market for a purrfect match.

After trying on tens of pairs, I couldn’t find anything that would meet all my needs: looks, price and quality. But then the unthinkable happened and I stumbled upon some guy on Facebook. Hello, Alex! He told me he’s part of this project that launched on Kickstarter — Lance Glasses. Apparently they make awesome, decent priced glasses. And by “decent priced” I don’t mean cheap, I mean “decent priced”.

Let’s make something clear. Quality costs. Everywhere. And it’s alright this way. What is not alright is to pump up the prices because of the word “luxury” you like to attach to your brand.

Concerning the Kickstarter glasses, I was, of course, a little skeptical in the beginning. Who isn’t when giving away money? And until I will get my glasses, sometime in April 2018 btw, I cannot say anything for certain about their quality. Or how they fit me. But I am motivated by several things:

• I love the way they look.
• If I won’t be unhappy with the way they fit me, I can return them in seven days.
• If I will be happy with them, I will get to wear them and have 10 years guarantee.
• They are affordable: early birds pay €79 for frames and lenses. Retail price is €200.
• I am happy to support a new business: not paying ridiculous €500 for a pair of decent looking glasses is an advantage any way you put it.

So yes, this is some sort of advertising for this product.
But I am doing it for free, I am doing it because I believe they can deliver, I am doing it to motivate them to do a good job because otherwise I will kick their asses. I don’t need glasses for that part. 🙂

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