Sunday Bagels

In 2015 I had my first Romanian bagel. It happened at Sunday Bagels and Coffee.

Back then I had this crazy idea to work in a corporation. Well, if I come to think about it, it wasn’t so crazy after all, given I had left Airbus Helicopters just one year before. But this time the corporation was in Romania and it had nothing to do with my training as an engineer. It was a numbing job as a … hang on, I got this … as a learning development specialist or something. I was organising training courses for the poor souls at Airbus. So, basically, I was telling myself from two years before where to go and at what time. From Romania, yes, to people in France or Germany, yes. Why? Well this is not the point of this post, so let’s dive out of the Airbus externalising business to Xerox and dive into the caffeinated part of this story.

Everyday I was leaving home in a hurry just to get to work. Not for the pleasure of it, but for the coffee I got to drink before going up in the shiny perfect building. And also for the bagel and/or ricotta brownie I got to eat as breakfast.

To say everything was melt-your-soul-delicious would be way too plain. I don’t really know how to explain it. Everything fell into its rightful place when I drank that first sip of coffee and had a bite of that bagel. It’s like the entire universe stopped for just one second, I couldn’t hear the honking of the cars, the murmur of the crowds, even all the voices in my head were silent. For the one bite and one sip. After that there was music again. And chatter with one of the girls in the camper. Sunday Bagels and Coffee is a small bagel business functioning in a camper van in Pipera, one of the corporate regions of Bucharest. The staff is really friendly, they always made my day a little lighter.

After I stopped working at Xerox, I seldom had the chance of visiting again. But that doesn’t matter. I hear they successfully keep up the good work cheering people up with their food and coffees.


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